Freekee Soda comes in unique 300ml colored polyethylene terepthlate round containers using a champagne-style base to ensure uncluttered appearance.

Carbonated Fruity Milk Drink

Company:Britvic Soft Drinks

Location: United Kingdom

Introduced: February 2003

Details: U.S. soda companies are not the only ones getting involved with dairy-based beverages. U.K.'s Britvic Soft Drinks offers Freekee Soda, a carbonated blend of fruit juice and milk in two varieties: Strange Strawberry and Odd Orange. The drinks contain no added sugars and are fortified with calcium.

Distribution: Select Western European markets

Kraft Foods supported the just-in-time for school national rollout of Jell-O Smoothie Snacks with an FSI that ran in Sunday papers.

Smoothie Snack Cups

Company: Kraft Foods

Location: Northfield, Ill.

Introduced: June 2003

Details: Fruit meets milk in a new portable, spoonable treat from Kraft Foods. Jell-O® Smoothie Snacks are sold in six packs of 4-oz cups in the dairy case. Each cup contains 100 calories and is low in fat. Jell-O Smoothie Snacks come in three flavors: Mixed Berry, Peach Mango and Strawberry Banana.

Distribution: National

Snacking cheese no longer has to be a string thanks to new Frigo Cheese Heads Mini Bars.

Mini Cheese Bars

Company: Saputo Inc.

Location: Saint-Léonard, Québec, Canada

Introduced: June 2003

Details: Snacking cheese experts are making on-the-go snacking a little more adult-like with new Frigo Cheese Heads Mini Bars of 100% natural cheese. Each 10.5oz bag contains 14 bars. Varieties are mild Cheddar and Colby Jack.

Distribution: National

Swerve’s packaging features a stylized logo with the Swerve name and an offbeat cow character sporting black sunglasses.

Flavored Milk-based Beverage

Company: The Coca-Cola Co.

Location: Atlanta

Introduced: August 2003

Details: When students went back to school this fall they were introduced to Swerve, a new milk-based beverage in three flavors: Chocolate, Vanana (vanilla and banana) and Blooo (blueberry and strawberry). Swerve is currently only available in the school channel-making it exclusive to students ages 13 to 19. Made with nonfat milk and sold in 11-oz cans, one serving provides 30% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin C. Packaging sports the "Real" milk seal of the American Dairy Assn., and carries the American Heart Assn., emblem, certifying that Swerve meets the AHA's nutritional guidelines. Swerve is sold primarily through school vending machines.

Distribution: National

Matterhorn has developed a unique blend of automation and hand crafting that enables the company to add a variety of quality inclusions to its new Cherry Glacier Cone.

Inclusion-packed Cone Novelty

Company: Matterhorn Ice Cream Co.

Location: Caldwell, Idaho

ntroduced: October 2003

Details: Research shows that consumers want more of the "good stuff" in their novelties, so Matterhorn figured out a way to give consumers what they want. The new Cherry Glacier Cone is a waffle cone filled with rich vanilla ice cream variegated with cherry syrup and cherry-filled mini-chocolate cups. The whole thing is hand dipped into chocolate and topped with chocolate bits. Sold as a single-serve item for impulse venues, the Glacier Cone gives consumers great-tasting inclusions in every bite.

Distribution: National

The Sparkling Milk Co.

Noteworthy Introductions

Based in Dublin, Ireland,Excite! Beverage Co. , along with its American partner,The Sparkling Milk Co. , Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., rolls out Sparkling Cow carbonated fruity dairy beverages. Fat free and enriched with vitamins A, C and D, Sparkling Cow drinks have a two-year shelflife. Sold in slim-style 8.5oz cans, as single units or six-packs, Sparkling Cow comes in three flavors: Luscious Lemon, Outrageous Orange and Sweet Strawberry.

Byrne Dairy
Byrne Dairy, Syracuse, N.Y., has made its two most popular single-serve flavored milks-Creamy Choco-late and Iced Cappuccino-available in half-gallon size. The kid-friendly cartons have a pour spout and feature the mascot "Byrnsie" in a bright, colorful design.

Grupo Leche Pascual
Madrid, Spain-basedGrupo Leche Pascual S.A. , extends its shelf-stable yosport fruit juice and yogurt drink to include a strawberry variety, which joins orange lemon and peach mango. Exported to the United States, yosport is heat-treated after culturing.

Belgioioso Cheese
A new Italian-style hard cheese with an Old World heritage but made in a truly all-American fashion has entered the marketplace. American Grana® is produced byBelGioioso Cheese Inc., Denmark, Wis. Made with cultured milk and imported rennet from Italy for a distinctive flavor, American Grana is aged for more than 14 months. Considered a table or grat-ing cheese, the cheese offers a distinctive flavor profile, with a sharp, full-flavored, buttery taste.