Golden West Nuts almonds are finding their way into new products in virtually every segment of the food processing industry. Serving food industries for over 22 years, Golden West Nuts is focused on producing quality products. Golden West Nuts is one of the largest independent processors of almonds in the California almond industry. The processing plant, located in Ripon, CA, has an established record in the industry for its exemplary sanitation and quality control.

Almond Mocha Fudge, Vanilla Swiss Almond, Espresso Almond Fudge; the names say it all. Add almonds to ice cream, frozen novelties, spreads, yogurts, cheese or other dairy items and those foods suddenly sound and taste more gourmet.

Consumers describe the flavor of almonds as subtle and smooth: the perfect ingredient nut for both sweet and savory foods. In fact, 84 percent of consumers agree that chocolate is better with almonds. Toasted almonds are superb with vanilla. The savory flavor of cheese and cheese spread is also enhanced by the buttery nuttiness of almonds. Almonds are highly complementary to lower-acid fruit flavors, especially cherry, strawberry, cranberry and raspberry. Almonds retain their appealing crunch across a wide range of temperatures, largely due to their low moisture content. Combining almond forms allows you to optimize their visual and flavor appeal.

With almond demand in on the rise, the production in California is on target to meet the growing demand. According to Steve Gikas, Co-owner of Golden West Nuts, Inc., the increased production is driven by demand and a determination by the industry to support food manufacturers who are increasing the use of almonds in new product development. "The larger supply will provide for stability in price and supply." reports Mr. Gikas.

In addition to whole natural almonds, Golden West packs blanched whole almonds, natural and blanched sliced, slivered, and diced almonds, as well as almond flours. For more information contact Golden West Nuts by phone at (209) 599-6193, fax (209) 599-6013 or visit the web site at

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