Safeline Metal Detectors for Dairy Processors

Safeline metal detectors are designed to inspect dairy products such as cheese, milk, ice cream, and yogurt, insuring that they are free of metal contaminants. Providing high-quality, sanitary inspection on dairy production lines, Safeline metal detectors minimize false rejects while maintaining high sensitivities on conductive products like salt-containing cheeses.

Metal detectors from Safeline meet the increasingly stringent quality standards, HACCP and Vendor Certification programs that retailers, food processors and restaurant customers demand.

Built to meet and exceed USDA requirements for the inspection of dry, liquid and frozen dairy products. Safeline detectors easily accommodate plant needs with a tough liner that prevents the entry of dust or moisture from high-pressure washdown. A touch pad covers the system and is completely impervious to flooding. These features minimize the downtime associated with both sanitation routines and failed electronics caused by water ingress during washdown.

Safeline follows "3-A Sanitary Standards for Mechanical conveyors for Dry Milk and Dry Milk Products" and "3-A Sanitary Standards for Permanently Installed Product and Solution Pipelines and Cleaning Systems Used in Milk Product Processing Plants."

Safeline's Performance Validation Routine enables processors to confirm that their Safeline detectors are always operating according to company policy by automatically scheduling equipment testing with standard test samples, and that an established sampling routine has been properly followed.

Safeline Metal Detection is the largest metal detector manufacturer in the world, with operations in the USA, UK and Europe. Safeline provides conveyorized, gravity feed, and pipeline metal detection systems for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, and powder/bulk industries. Safeline's experts provide in-house seminars, training programs and metal detection audits to ensure optimum equipment performance. Safeline Metal Detection's Red Guide and Blue Guide are available by contacting Safeline at 6005 Benjamin Road, Tampa, FL 33634, USA, by telephone: USA 813-889-9500 or by E-mail:

Safeline Metal Detection • 6005 Benjamin Road, Tampa, FL 33634 • Ph: 813/889-9500