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For over 30 years Delkor has been manufacturing some of America's best packaging machines as well as pioneering several groundbreaking innovations for the packaging industry.

Based in Minnesota, Delkor manufactures a full line of tray and carton forming, loading and closing machines, a wide range of shrink bundling machines, as well as a full line of robotic load cells from palletizing to pick and place applications.

Superior engineering and high-quality stainless-steel construction distinguish these machines. Smart features like low-level infeed conveyors and the fastest changeover in the industry (three minute standard) on our servo tray/carton formers provide advantages not found on competitor models.

Our Tri-Seal Closer incorporates the latest in lugless technology with an industry-leading design that allows operators easy access to clear occasional debris. Delkor developed this closer in cooperation with a client who provided vital, real-world insights. This collaborative effort resulted in a machine that exceeded all our expectations!

Delkor is also known for its Spot-Pak® and Tray-Pak® package innovations. Delkor's patented Spot-Pak® package has become the standard for a number of product categories such as cottage cheese, sour cream, and other refrigerated products. Flat pads and low-cost film reduce dependency on expensive, bulky corrugated cartons. Spot-Pak® packages use 40% - 60% less corrugated material than traditional cartons. On average Delkor's Spot-Pak® package offers 50% savings over traditional corrugated shippers.

Delkor's patented Tray-Pak® package was developed as a solution for the mass merchandiser's need for a shipper to also double as a shelf-ready display tray. Retailers simply remove the film and place product trays on the shelf. No cutting of corrugated boxes.

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