Degussa AG, Germany, has agreed to sell its food ingredients operations toCargill, Inc. , for $670 million (U.S.). The transaction is contingent on the approval of the Degussa Supervisory Board and the relevant regulatory authorities. In a consolidating food ingredients industry, the Degussa Management Board decided in August 2004 to divest its Food Ingredient business in order to provide it with the opportunity for a further development into a leading global position. After selling the Fruit Systems activities in early 2005, today the Degussa Food Ingredients Business Unit consists of the Texturant Systems and Flavors Business Lines.

Last year Neilson Dairy's Dairy Oh!™ became the first milk in the world to offer health-enhancing, naturally-occurring DHA Omega-3 fatty acids. And in June it became the first in North America to use the PURE-PAK® Curve carton from Elopak, Inc. Elopak says the Curve carton's distinguishing feature is an innovative curved fifth panel that makes it stand out from traditional gable-top cartons. Dairy Oh!™ uses this extra surface to highlight its DHA nutrient, which promotes brain, eye and nerve development. The Curve panels of the two-liter cartons are printed to match the product's fat-level color coding.

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies will unveil the results of a new partnership with International Truck and Engine Corp. at the Worldwide Food Expo (booth N601). The new product utilizes International's Diamond Logic™ electrical system and its latest upgrade, the PowerPack 3, a self-contained power supply system built into the vehicle. Johnson's new product will employ these International systems to increase the range and flexibility of Eutectic cold plate refrigeration technology. Jophnson has also recently redesigned its Website,

Vision Technologies Land Systems Inc. , a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Engineering, has entered into an agreement to purchase the Kidron and Hackney divisions of Specialized Vehicles Corp. Kidron said the sale would provide the resources to reaffirm Kidron's industry position, and the corporate relationship with Vision Technologies also is expected to open new access for Kidron into more global supply chains, and create greater opportunities in more international markets.

A&B Ingredients and Duas Rodas, a Brazilian food and flavor company with headquarters in Jaragu