Probiotics Online

Dannon has launched The Dannon Probiotics Center (, an online resource designed to bring the latest news and developments about probiotics to consumers, healthcare professionals and the media. The company unveiled the new site last month at the Third International Convention on Probiotics, in Paris.

Goodbye Gherty

Jack Gherty, who has served as the chief executive at Land O' Lakes since 1989 will retire at the end of the year. He has been with the Minnesota cooperative for 34 years.

Butter Plant Fire

An intense fire consumed half of the roof of the Associated Milk Producers Inc. butter packaging plant in New Ulm, Minn., last month. There were no immediate reports of injuries, but officials worried that the melted butter would interfere with nearby railroad tracks.

Burger King Milk

With competitors successfully adding better milk and other healthy choices to their childrens' menus, Burger King has announced its own Kids Meal options including strawberry flavored applesauce, 1% white or chocolate milk, and apple juice. No indication that the Miami-based chain will switch from gabletop to plastic packaging for its milk.