Introducing the Hoyer Straightline 800 C extrusion line

The wide range of different and appealing ice cream novelties that can be produced on an extrusion line are very popular with today’s consumers. The quality of extruded products is optimized because the ice cream can be extruded at high viscosities, which enhances the texture and mouth-feel of the ice cream.

The Hoyer Straightline C tray tunnels have been designed to serve the needs of manufacturers requiring a compact, easy to install, self-contained extrusion system. Hoyer Straightline C is available both for freon and ammonia evaporators and can be supplied with a dedicated refrigeration package. The entire line consists of pre-assembled and pre-tested modules that are easy to transport and install on site.

The entire system is provided ready to use, only requiring connection to power, refrigeration, compressed air, water and process piping. A wide range of accessory equipment is available for the production of all types of extruded products. Hoyer Straightline C models can be combined with a Hoyer gripper conveyor system or with a Hoyer Dino C multi-lane transfer system equipped according to the type of product and capacity required.

The newly introduced Hoyer Straightline 800 C extrusion line completes the range of compact Hoyer Straightline C models, which also comprises Hoyer Straightline 400 C and Hoyer Straightline 600 C. It is a space-saving, flexible extrusion line very suitable for medium size plants requiring capacities of up to 9.000 products per hour. The versatile Hoyer Straightline 800 C line is capable of producing single and multi-flavoured stick products, ball-top cones, wafer cups, half and full sandwiches, logs, small cakes, candy bars and slices.