OCG Cacao SA was founded in 1997 by a group of professional managers from within the chocolate and cocoa industry. The company’s rapid growth is attributed to its modern and efficient processing plants, which are well adapted to meet the demanding requirements of today’s market. Plants are located in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. Ground has broken on a fourth plant in Belgium. OCG Cacao’s motivated and competent international team has sales offices in the United States and Germany.

From industrial chocolate ingredients to gourmet chocolate products for artisans, OCG Cacao provides its customers with just about any type of high-quality chocolate and cocoa ingredient. This includes chocolate couvertures and semi-finished products (cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, etc.) specifically tailored to individual customer’s requirements. OCG also manufactures a complete range of standard products to support all product formulations.

The company’s raw materials are carefully selected from the best suppliers and made into the highest quality chocolate and cocoa ingredients. Quality is guaranteed by the use of the finest technology in the processing plants, with products manufactured under the care of a professional and competent team whose single objective is to satisfy clients.

When the processing plants were designed, food safety and product traceability were prime concerns, and continue to be very important, as this ensures unparalleled product consistency in today’s demanding marketplace where manufacturers tend to take short cuts to save costs.

OCG Cacao considers itself the best in class. Well-known customers with prestigious strong brands and the most discerning distributors have demonstrated their confidence in OCG Cacao by becoming regular customers.

You are welcome to visit OCG Cacao’s plants to evaluate the difference yourself.