NuQuest, is a unique peracetic acid sanitizer process designed to improve biocidal effectiveness and process efficiency, available from Ondeo Nalco Co. It enables customers to more thoroughly clean and sanitize equipment and processing plant surfaces. These surfaces are potential sources of contamination for finished food products offered to consumers. Sanitizing vertical and irregular surfaces in a processing plant can be very difficult. NuQuest provides a foaming sanitizer process capable of high retention times on vertical surfaces and the undersides of equipment. In addition, the foam formulation offered by NuQuest enables food processors to conduct a visual inspection after applying the product to confirm that all surfaces have been sanitized. The company says NuQuest process outperformed traditional sanitizer programs in beverage plants. It was shown to be significantly more effective than commonly used bleach and quaternary ammonias in reducing colony forming units such as aerobic bacteria, yeast and mold.

Ondeo Nalco Co.


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