Frutarom functional ingredients - milk drink

8 things to do with a cup (or 2) of milk

7 a.m. Pour it in a bowl of cereal (1 cup)
Stir it into pancake batter (2 cups)

10:30 a.m. Make ricotta cheese. (4 cups)

Noon. Drink a glass with lunch. (1 cup)

3:30 p.m. Make a milk shake for an after-school snack. (1 cup)

6 p.m. Add it to a mac-and-cheese recipe for tonight's dinner. (1 cup)
Use it in a gravy (1 cup)

7 p.m. Churn it into ice cream for an evening snack. (2 cups)

Congratulations! You just used a half-gallon of milk.