By Julie Buric, MilkPEP Vice President Marketing

Refuel: “got chocolate milk?” Campaign

The science behind refueling with lowfat chocolate milk presents a great new usage occasion for milk. The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) is capitalizing on this by building a long term refuel strategy that reminds athletes to make chocolate milk part of their recovery routine and encourages retailers and brands to tap into the $3.3 billion sports-drink industry with the refuel with chocolate milk message. 

This month, MilkPEP will take Refuel to the next level by creating an integrated consumer campaign that will build awareness among athletes ages 18-34 who engage in regular, strenuous exercise. Changing the patterns of adult athletes will help convert new milk drinkers and provide lapsed users with another reason to drink milk. It will also create a halo effect that could lead to more in-home consumption of chocolate milk across all family members.

Our research shows that the Refuel message is gaining traction with consumers, and this year we will expand our reach to a wide range of athletes and their key influencers: from elite Olympians and coaches to everyday athletes and their trainers. MilkPEP will use relevant science, key partnerships and spokespeople to generate awareness, engage athletes after exercise and continue to build a strong community of chocolate milk refuel champions.

Refuel Tour

At events across the country, MilkPEP will partner with premier race series including Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Ironman as their “Official Refuel Beverage.” The tour will have a presence at the Expo and/or a finish line area to engage athletes and to educate them about the recovery benefits of lowfat chocolate milk. Athletes will be encouraged to become brand ambassadors and spread the refuel with chocolate milk message.

“My After” Ad Campaign

The “My After” creative thematic will run across the national integrated campaign, creating a powerful and personal connection between lowfat chocolate milk and after-workout rituals for athletes. The “My After” campaign will debut in March at Endurance Live in Los Angeles, CA.

2012 Refuel Partners

Through research, MilkPEP learned that aligning with respected athletic organizations is a quick and effective way to elevate message credibility among our target athlete audience. In 2012, chocolate milk will become the “Official Refuel Beverage” of Ironman, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, USA Swimming, Lifetime Fitness and the Challenged Athletes Foundation.  In addition, our successful partnership with USA Basketball will continue.

Team Refuel

We will continue to build “Team Refuel”—our community of athletes—to champion lowfat chocolate milk and the Refuel message among fellow athletes. MilkPEP will offer one winning athlete the ultimate reward– the chance to star in a “got chocolate milk?” ad!  Athletes also will receive sponsorship money, training gear and other perks.

Flavored Milk Feature Incentive Program

MilkPEP will provide eye catching POS kits for display from May 15 through June 30.  POS kits must be ordered by April 17th.  To order, visit

Local Marketing Materials

Additional local marketing materials can be used all year to amp up your Refuel strategy and are available at 

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