Yoplait and Dannon rally shoppers to donate to breast cancer research organizations in this week's free-standing inserts. Also in this issue: Jamba, Baskin-Robbins, recipes with cheese and more.

FSI report for the week beginning Sept. 11, 2011

Yoplait and Dannon rally shoppers to donate to breast cancer research organizations in this week's free-standing inserts.
General Mills' Yoplait promoted its "save lids to save lives" campaign with a spread FSI. Yoplait will donate 10 cents per lid to Susan G. Komen for the Cure when shoppers mail in pink lids or redeem them online (by entering package codes). The yogurt make will donate up to $2 million for each pink lid redeemed by Dec. 31. The FSI includes coupons for the company's Light, four-packs, Fiber One, Greek and other formats.
Elsewhere, Yoplait:
  • encourages shoppers to "snack the fun way" with its GoGurt, Splitz, Trix and Kids Cup yogurts.
  • instructs consumers to "add some crunch to your creamy" with its Light Parfait yogurts that include granola mix-ins.
  • directs shoppers to the frozen fruit section to find Smoothie, a make-at-home yogurt smoothie beverage.
In other yogurt news:
Dannon promises to donate up at least $500,000 and as much as $1.5 million to fight breast cancer in its cups of home campaign, benefitting National Breast Cancer Foundation. Codes appear under specially marked lids and shoppers can enter them online or from their smart phones by scan a quick-response code in the FSI, which advertises its new Activia French and Greek yogurts. In some markets,Safeway's Dominick's supermarkets offers a dollar savings to shoppers purchasing an Activa 12 pack using a loyalty card.
Jamba (Inventure Foods) introduces its make-at-home smoothie, which is sold in the grocer's freezer. It claims the beverage is the "perfect blend of fruit, non-fat yogurt and an antioxidant boost" that delivers 100% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C.


Bear Creak Country Kitchens (a unit of Specialty Brands of America) touts its Ceddar Broccoli pasta mix.
Riviana Foods Inc. offers a Cheesy Turkey and Broccoli Rice recipe calling for 2 ounces of "pasteurized prepared cheese product, cubed," "2  tablespoons water or milk" and one container of the company's Minute Ready to Serve white rice.
Reckitt Benckiser offers a Chicken with Creamy Dijon Herb Sauce calling for its French's Dijon mustard and one-third cup "cream cheese spread, softened."

In other activity

United States Nutrition promotes "back to school grand slam savings" on its Body Fortress whey protein powder.

Dunkin Brands says its mini soft-serve parfaits, made with Snickers or  M&M's are available for $2 each at Baskin-Robbins. The scoop shop also offers coupons for  cones, cakes, beverages and treats.
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