Consumer desire to raise and uplift sensory experiences through food and drink will propel impactful innovations in the year ahead. With heightened inflation amid a global supply chain crisis, consumers must adapt their eating and spending patterns to new realities, according to Flavorchem's fourth-annual Flavor & Trend Forecast.

According to the forecast:

Multi-Sensory Experiences: Brands will exceed consumers’ increased product expectations by experimenting with impactful innovations that engage multiple senses and create memorable experiences. Unconventional flavor mashups, unique formats, and hybrid concepts that blur food and beverage category lines will differentiate products and elevate indulgent moments.

Premium Coffee: With coffee consumption at an all-time high, consumers are seeking elevated experiences as premium trends point to experimentation, wellness, and novel flavors. Launch activity will center around indulgent flavors like cookie butter, bourbon caramel, chocolate cayenne, ruby cocoa, and brown sugar for everyday enjoyment.

Mood Food: Consumers will strive to make self-care a priority by turning to products that are suggested to improve overall mood and reduce the negative effects of stress on the body. 27% of U.S. consumers report they are unable to function because of high anxiety as a growing number of food and beverage launches will be positioned for mood and brain health.

Flavorchem also announced these trends inspired its new Elevate Collection.