Rather than sales or special deals, Kiki Milk, the first all-organic plant-based kid's milk on the market, is giving away its recipes, the company says. In an effort to slow down the holiday pace and celebrate spending time with loved ones, the brand is releasing the recipe for its top-seller Kiki Chocolate milk on Black Friday. It will reside on the Kiki Milk Instagram, YouTube and website indefinitely, the company says. 

Co-Founder Lauren Abelin released the Original flavor recipe for all to enjoy last year and due to the incredible feedback, the brand has decided to add Chocolate to that "nice list" for the holidays. "There is a lot of consuming this time of year,” says Lauren Abelin. “We see a lot of commercials to buy more and this is an opportunity to have another experience without consuming or buying another product. It also cuts down on packaging, making it even better for the environment." 

Headquartered in Kauai, Hawaii, Kiki Milk, under parent company PlantBaby, was founded in 2021 after Alex and Lauren’s son Alakai was born because they were dissatisfied with plant-based, soy-free infant formula supplements on the market. 

The husband-wife duo spent almost two years researching and testing other beverage options to suit their child’s needs along with the 40% of kids nationwide who have chronic health conditions and need healthier solutions than the ones on the market, they state.

The preservative free, carbon neutral Kiki Milk is certified organic; shelf stable (up to 12 months unopened); dairy-free; nut-free (Kiki Milk contains coconuts); soy free; gluten free and GMO-free, the company says. 

Available in 8-ounce Tetra Paks and 32-ounce multi-serve sizes, Kiki Milk is available for a suggested retail price of $35 for a 12-pack of 8-ounce cartons at www.KikiMilk.com (subscription and 1-time purchases), Thrive Market and Amazon. Six-packs of 32-ounce cartons (Chocolate and Original) are available for $48. KikiMilk subscribers save 20% on purchases.