Just as kids head back to school, Los Angeles-based RDCL Superfoods unveiled its new Super Cocoa that is designed for the kid in all of us who love chocolate milk. The nondairy product is a plant-based, vitamin-packed line designed to give ordinary drinks new “superpowers” with all plant-based ingredients and zero added sugar, all while making them healthier, tastier, more ethical and sustainable, the company says.

Super Cocoa is a powder that can be mixed into hot or cold water (think hot cocoa and chocolate milk) or thrown in the blender with one’s favorite milk option to make a delicious smoothie. Its rich chocolate-y taste, courtesy of two kinds of premium cacao, is front and center, but it also contains “stealth” ingredients like pea protein, ancient grains and seeds, and greens to make it healthy. Whether you are an adult who wants a healthier version of a classic, indulgent chocolate treat or a parent trying to get your kids to eat their daily quota of fruits and veggies, Super Cocoa provides the goodness of greens and grains in a refreshing beverage, it says. Super Cocoa is available for a suggested retail price of $29 for a 12 pack of 8.5-ounce individual serving packets on the company’s website, https://rdclsuperfoods.com/collections/our-products/products/super-cocoa.