Byrne Dairy, Syracuse, N.Y., launched two new Bigwich flavors: Raspberry and Cocoa-Nilla. The two new varieties join the Vanilla Bigwich and may be purchased at all Byrne Dairy & Deli locations across Central New York, the company says.

The Bigwich offerings boast two freshly baked cookies and three times more ice cream than the traditional Cookiewich, Byrne Dairy says. The Raspberry Bigwich features black raspberry ice cream between two chocolate-chocolate chip cookies, Byrne Dairy says, while the Cocoa-Nilla Bigwich offers creamy vanilla ice cream and two rich chocolate cookies. The Vanilla Bigwich, which hit stores in 2021, features creamy vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies.

Like the Cookiewich line, the Bigwich lineup is made in Syracuse using scratch-baked cookies made with locally sourced ingredients, the company says.