Dairygold, one of Ireland’s largest farmer-owned dairy co-operatives, says it debuted Pastureland — its first-ever cheese brand retailing in the United States. Pastureland Irish cheddar cheeses will be introduced throughout the United States, beginning with extra sharp Irish cheddar and aged creamy Irish cheddar.

According to Mitchelstown, Ireland-based Dairygold, Pastureland is the first and only range of specially selected premium Irish cheeses produced exclusively in Ireland’s historic Golden Valley dairy region. Pastureland’s ingredients bring food to life for cheese lovers who want to experience a unique-tasting and naturally nutritious cheese. The cheeses will be distributed in the United States by specialty cheese supplier Norseland Inc., Darien, Conn.

Pastureland will be available on U.S. shelves in 7-ounce portions with a suggested retail price of $6.99 per unit. Dairygold says Pastureland aged creamy Irish cheddar is smooth and full-flavored, with satisfying, subtle hints of caramel sweetness and nutty tones; Pastureland extra sharp Irish cheddar is hand-selected for a bold rich, and tangy flavor — plus the perfect hint of sweetness.

“Pastureland cheese is a delightfully delicious cheese range,” says George MacLeod, head of new proposition development at Dairygold. “We could not be more excited to introduce our Irish cheddar cheeses to the U.S. market, particularly during a time when American consumers are so conscious about the foods they eat and the increasing desire to support small family run farms that promote the most sustainable farming practices.”