June is National Dairy Month — a perfect time to celebrate all the great things about dairy. And Edwardsville, Ill.-based Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. said there are many reasons to give thanks to its local dairy farm families.

Prairie Farms said it is inviting consumers to learn more about its farm families and their sustainable farming practices by visiting its June Dairy Month landing page. The cooperative’s farmers are excited to share their stories for World Milk Day on June 1 and during National Dairy Month in a pair of videos detailing sustainable farming methods.

On the same landing page, consumers also may enter our the company’s sweepstakes for a chance to win one of 10 weekly dairy prize packages. The packages include $100 toward Prairie Farms products in the form of $5 dollar gift coupons valid for any combination of Prairie Farms and/or North Star brand products, Prairie Farms said. Official sweepstakes rules and eligibility are also posted on the page.

“I’m proud to say that our milk is a powerhouse beverage that’s produced using sustainable farming methods,” said Frank Doll, a Prairie Farms dairy farmer from Pocahontas, Ill. “I’m really happy that for June Dairy month, these qualities about milk and how it’s made are being called out for everyone to see.”

Prairie Farms said National Dairy Month is also a perfect time to recognize its commitment to sustainability, which involves producing, processing and delivering dairy products in a manner that improves the state of its land, as well as the lives of its employees, animals, communities, partners and consumers.

“Our commitment to reducing environmental impact means reusing, and recycling is at every part of our farming, production and distribution processes,” the company said.

Prairie Farms also said it will be releasing its first-ever public sustainability report later this month. The report will outline sustainable farming and plant initiatives supporting the U.S. Dairy Industry’s 2050 Environmental Stewardship Goals.