Napa Valley, Calif.-based ReThink Ice Cream unveiled new packaging and a reformulation of its better-for-you ice cream. The new recipe has even more health benefits, the company says.

ReThink Ice Cream says it is the first and only completely “tummy-friendly” dairy ice cream made lactose- and A1-protein-free — both of which are needed to ensure the safe avoidance of digestive discomfort in those who respond adversely to dairy. ReThink is also the first-ever ice cream brand to infuse its flavors with marine collagen (it also uses whey isolate protein and prebiotic fiber). Comparable to the original recipe, the offerings will continue to be diabetic- and keto-friendly and gluten-free. The ice cream still features only all-natural ingredients and no sugar alcohols, but it is much creamier and easier to scoop right out of the freezer.

In addition to the reformulation, ReThink Ice Cream says it revealed a packaging refresh with a new logo and a gradient green background for all flavors, creating a cohesive, unified collection on the store shelf. Each flavor now has its own lid that color coordinates with the carton and features key brand attributes on the lid skirt, including A2/A2 Dairy, lactose-free, tummy-friendly and low sugar. The new packaging shows a beautiful scoop of the ice cream and original artwork of modern clusters of the natural featured ingredients.

“We are conscious of the fact that there is a full-size market of people who yearn for the traditional dairy ice cream experience, but have had to steer clear because there hasn’t been an option for them. Our new reformulation provides those consumers with the first-ever tummy-friendly solution so they don’t have to worry about indigestion,” says George Haymaker III, founder of ReThink Ice Cream. “Additionally, while our former packaging served us well, we wanted to make a change, given who we are now and where we want to go in the future. We’re thrilled to showcase our brand and product line in a way that better portrays this while still maintaining the familiar elements of our identity that our consumers know and love.”

ReThink Ice Cream says its newly reformulated ice cream is available for purchase nationally on and can also be found at more than 450 supermarkets in California, Idaho, Montana and Oregon, including Nugget, Lucky, Bristol Farms, Lazy Acres Markets, Raley’s and more.