Charlotte, N.C.-based SPX Flow Inc., through its Danish subsidiary SPX Flow Technology Danmark A/S, signed an agreement with Primodan A/S for the transfer of SPX Flow’s yellow cheesemaking activities and technologies. The technology, which includes curd-making, pressing and final brining systems, offers an innovative cheesemaking solution, SPX Flow said.

Primodan is a Vipperød, Denmark-based company that designs, manufactures and supplies plants and equipment for the dairy and food processing industry, SPX Flow said. It excels in the design and supply of white cheese plants, as well as filling and packaging machines for premade containers for markets worldwide. The acquisition of SPX Flow’s yellow cheesemaking technology presents new opportunities and expansion of its current cheesemaking plant business.

“The agreement transfers some excellent technology to Primodan, which is itself a leader in cheese production,” said Jan Olsen, food and beverage director, business transformation in Europe, Middle East and Africa at SPX Flow. “New yellow cheese plants are not part of our core growth strategy, and the sale of this portion of our business makes sense for both companies and our customers.”

According to SPX Flow, the specific equipment included in the sale includes the CurdMaster, used to produce cheese curds from cheese milk; the OPD PrePress System, used for batch-draining, pre-pressing and cutting of cheese curds; and the SaniPress system, used for final pressing and handling of hard and semi-hard cheeses.

As part of the agreement with Primodan, SPX Flow said it will continue to provide aftermarket service for customers with existing yellow cheese plants until the end of 2021. Primodan will continue to use other advanced SPX Flow technology — including valves and pumps and other process components and support — in new cheese plants designed and manufactured at their facilities.

“The purchase of the SPX Flow yellow cheesemaking business is an exciting opportunity for us, and one that fits well with our current technology portfolio,” said Simon Servé Jensen, CEO of Primodan. “We have a long-standing relationship with SPX Flow and are looking forward to this continuing into the future for the benefit of all our customers.”