Starter cultures offer fast fermentation time

The Ingredient House and Soyuzsnab developed a novel range of starter cultures. AiBi Golden Time cultures have a very fast fermentation time. The cultures work quickly and have a very short lag time to begin fermenting. The organisms are non-GMO, and all of the strains belong to Soyuzsnab’s strain library, which currently exceeds 3,000 strains. The Golden Time cultures enable customers to increase the output of their production without investing in new fermentation equipment, according to the company. 



Bioprotective cultures increase shelf life naturally

Chr. Hansen launched its second generation of FreshQ bioprotective cultures, which extend the shelf life of products naturally. The new cultures are applicable to and optimized for more products and applications (including yogurt, fresh cheese, kefir, quark and numerous other fermented milk products). The cultures have stronger protective properties that make them well-suited in regions where the cold chain is under pressure. They also offer an alternative to even more chemicals and artificial preservatives than the first generation does — helping more customers go natural, according to the company.



Protective cultures increase shelf life

DSM expanded its range of natural food protection solutions with the launch of a range of protective cultures that increase the shelf life of dairy products such as yogurt, sour cream and fresh cheese. Effectively combating yeast and mold growth, Delvo Guard cultures are specifically targeted at producers that are looking for clean-label solutions to reduce dairy losses and to increase the shelf life of their products. The patent-pending cultures are based on Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus sakei strains.

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