The following dairy processor news headlines are from April 1. In case you missed them, click on the links to read the article.

Cow-water cocktails are the latest trend in New York City

A Cornell grad’s chance encounter with Shake Shack’s Danny Meyer led to networking opportunities. Cow-water cocktails like Moscow Moo and Tom Cow-ins soon followed.

Almond industry cries ‘foul’ over dairy farmer’s Almond milk

Afonso “Almond” Mundo is a third-generation Portuguese-American dairy farmer who is selling “Almond’s milk” at his farm store in Tulare, Calif.

I can’t believe she’s not butter! Princess Kay of the Milky Way to be sculpted in oleo

High butter prices spoil a Minnesota State Fair tradition of carving the likenesses of young women in blocks of butter.

Ice cream giant spoils wedding plans of young lovers in North Carolina

The planned marriage of Jerri Haagen to Ben Dazs turns sour as international food giant tries to protect a brand name.

Dairy Foods editor donates hair net collection to UW-Madison

Journalist has acquired several dozen hair nets, protective eyewear, ear plugs and booties from visits to dairy processing facilities.