Our latest poll is live and this month Dairy Foods is asking readers:

How do you prefer to drink cold coffee?
•    Black 
•    With milk (like a latte)
•    With Chai spices 
•    Blended with other flavors (mocha, caramel, vanilla, etc.)
•    None of the above. I’m a tea drinker

To answer this question, visit the poll page HERE.

Last month, we asked “Which style of yogurt do you prefer?” The results are in:

Greek yogurt blew away the rest of the competition, getting 60% of the vote, Blended came in second at 12%, Cream-top and Fruit-on-the-bottom tied with 8%, and Aussie-style and Icelandic tied with 6% of the vote. See the results here.

Thanks for participating and be sure to check back each month for our new question. Don’t forget to answer this month’s question – How do you prefer to drink cold coffee? – Check it out HERE.