The World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest received 1,000 entries in 71 classes, including cheese, ice cream, butter, sour cream, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and more. Dairy processors from many U.S states as well as Canada and New Zealand have entered.

The contest is sponsored by the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association, Madison. The number of entries is 20% than last year, said WDPA Executive Director Brad Legreid.

“The meteoric rise of the contest can be directly attributable to the many benefits it offers the dairy industry," he said. "Never before has there been an all-national, all-inclusive dairy product contest. Dairy companies who produce products other than cheese and butter have never been afforded the opportunity to compete in such a comprehensive contest.”

The judging of these entries will take place Aug. 19 to 21. Winners will be announced on Aug. 22. Dairy Foods sponsors one of the awards.

An auction of the first place winners will be Sept. 30 at World Dairy Expo. Part of the proceeds will fund college scholarships. Product donations will also be made to Second Harvest Food Bank, MATC Culinary Arts Dept, UW-Madison Dairy Science Dept, and other charitable organizations.