Used in a variety of dairy applications, Sethness Caramel Color is available in a wide range of strengths and hues to achieve food colors from light yellows to deep browns. Sethness offers flexible, stable, economical coloring solutions to food processors around the globe. From its minimally-processed Class I Caramel Colors to its acid-stable, Class IV Caramel Colors, the company provides an extensive line of products to fit every application need. Sethness also offers options for Low 4MeI and Organic Caramel Colors, and non-GMO Caramel Colors made from cane sugar. Typically, Sethness’ low-sulfite Class III Caramel Colors are recommended for dairy applications because of their positive ionic charge. Another application for Caramel Colors is in the ingredients that are used in dairy foods. Many flavor companies blend them with their flavor ingredients to provide a complete flavor/color solution to dairy product manufacturers.