Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, announces the publication of “Utilizing NOVATION Endura™ 0100 Starch in Stirred Yogurts Processed with Challenging Temperature and Homogenization Pressures” white paper. The paper presents the company’s clean label ingredient solution designed to provide similar texturizing functionality in stirred yogurts as compared to chemically modified starches. NOVATION Endura™ 0100 allows for a simpler, cleaner label to address consumer needs without sacrificing performance.

The market for clean label foods continues to outpace conventional food growing at double digit rates. This consumer need has translated into an increase in more clean label product launches. Typically, formulating yogurts with clean label starches has been challenging because of harsh processing conditions encountered in manufacturing.

Ingredion is addressing these concerns by presenting manufacturers with NOVATION Endura™ 0100, a next generation functional native starch based on breakthrough proprietary technology that allows manufacturers to retain the viscosifying properties of the starch in yogurts processed using high temperature/high pressure parameters.

 “We benchmarked the texture impact and stability of NOVATION Endura™ 0100 in stirred yogurt against chemically modified starches using an expert descriptive sensory panel and found that the texture of the yogurts made with NOVATION Endura™ 0100  starch, under demanding processing parameters, does not differ from industry standard chemically modified starches,” said Leaslie Carr, Wholesome Marketing Manager with Ingredion Incorporated. “We’re excited to provide our manufacturing customers with a clean label starch solution that will remain fully functional over a wide range of processing parameters as well as stable over a typical refrigerated shelf life.” 

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