Chr. Hansen and its partner Biofarma will be showing a drinkable probiotic shot beverage at CPhI 2013 (a pharmaceutical networking event) in Frankfurt, Germany Oct. 22 to 24.

The combination probiotic and fiber comes in a 10 milliliter (about 0.33 ounces) liquid lemon-flavored shot format. Chr. Hansen calls this "a convenient dosage form designed for the health-conscious consumer who prefers to drink shots rather than swallow capsules or tablets."

“The consumer simply dispenses the probiotics into the liquid, shakes the bottle to disperse the probiotics, and drinks the shot ― a quick and tasty way to get your probiotics on the go,” said Lasse Nagell, Chr. Hansen’s sales & marketing vice president, health & nutrition.

The product contains BB-12 and fiber. BB-12 is Chr. Hansen’s flagship probiotic strain (Bifidobacterium) with fiber in the form of fructo-oligosaccharides. The product, which can be promoted as a “2 in 1” or “dual action” product, addresses gastrointestinal function and irregularities.

Dannon names Chr. Hansen a supplier of the year

In other news, The Dannon Co. Danone Inc. (Canada) honored Chr. Hansen with a Supplier of the Year Awards in the category of Best in Quality.

Suppliers were assessed on a number of criteria including improvements in environmental sustainability, quality and safety, improvements in cost, accelerating time to market of new or renovated products, boosts to innovation, protection of competitive advantage, and the demonstration of shared values in the relationship with Dannon and Danone.

Dannon makes more than 200 different flavors, styles and sizes of cultured refrigerated and frozen dairy products to serve its retail and foodservice customers.