By Oystar USA

OYSTAR USA – whose parent company, OYSTAR Group, develops, manufactures and sells both complete packaging lines and individual machines for the dairy, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industries – now offers a chainless transport system for its OYSTAR Hamba range of cup, tub and bottle filling lines. Known as MultiFormat, the concept allows for automated format changeover that, through time reduction in format changes, can result in production increases of up to 25%.

OYSTAR Hamba BK MultiFormatThe MultiFormat system transports preformed containers up to 140 millimeters in height and up to 2,500 grams in volume at speeds up to 57,600 units per hour. The MultiFormat is lubrication-free, making it ideal for use in hygienic conditions including the production of dairy products.

The OYSTAR Hamba line features a range of high-performance cup, tub and bottle filling and sealing machines for pasty and liquid products in pre-formed containers made of plastic, carton-plastic compounds, carton, aluminium, and bottle filling and sealing machines in pre-formed PET or HDPE-bottles. The MultiFormat system can be incorporated into new machines as well as retrofitted into earlier models.

By minimizing the maintenance of the transport system via the elimination of transport chain stretching and service, the MultiFormat system reduces the overall maintenance costs of OYSTAR Hamba machines. The reduction in parts subject to wear and tear also ensures that maintenance needs are kept to a minimum.

“With the MultiFormat system, a single person operating an OYSTAR Hamba line can handle a cell plate change – completely without tools – in less than 15 minutes,” said John W. Panaseny, president of OYSTAR USA. “The resulting efficiencies open the door to options that, without MultiFormat, simply wouldn’t be economically viable, such as producing variable seasonal and country-specific packaging formats.”

About OYSTAR Group
A global company with 10 manufacturing plants and several sales and service companies worldwide, OYSTAR develops, manufactures and sells both complete packaging lines and individual machines for the dairy, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industries.

OYSTAR is comprised of well known, long-established brands such as OYSTAR Hassia, OYSTAR IWK, OYSTAR Benhil, OYSTAR Gasti, OYSTAR Hamba, OYSTAR Erca and OYSTAR A+F. The company’s product portfolio covers virtually every area of application for packaging machines, including:

  • Filling and sealing machines (FS) for preformed cups and bottles, and forming, filling and sealing machines (FFS) for packaging pasty products in the dairy segment
  • Food sector packaging machinery such as vertical form, fill and seal machines for bags (with the corresponding dosing systems) as well as FS and FFS machines for packaging single portions of coffee, honey, jam, etc.
  • Final packaging in trays for point of sale
  • Tube filling units and cartoning machines for the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry

At present the OYSTAR Group employs a workforce of approximately 1,400 worldwide and generated a total of approximately EUR 250 million in sales in 2012. For more information, visit