By Food Technology Corp.

Food Technology Corp TMS PilotThe texture of food plays a big role in consumers’ perception of quality, therefore it is vital for companies to obtain and maintain texture standards through a routine system of objective monitoring.

Easy to operate, Food Technology Corp.’s new TMS-Pilot texture analyzer is an affordable, portable, mid-range system designed for quick and easy food texture testing.

The TMS-Pilot was designed with the budget conscious customer for its capacity to perform basic texture testing of most food products, including baked goods, confectionery items, dairy products, fruits, meats, vegetables and snacks. Test methods such as breaking, snapping, tension, shearing, bulk analysis, compression, penetration and extrusion tests are all easily performed.

The President of Food Technology Corp., Shirl Lakeway Jr, said, “The TMS-Pilot was developed to fill a need for a mid-range food texture testing system without all the expanded features found on our high end analyzers. There are many customers that require only the ability to run few, routine texture tests on their products. The Pilot offers a very affordable and easy to use alternative for these clients.”

Controlled by an easy-to-use LCD Touch-Screen interface, the TMS-Pilot requires minimal operator training. Tests are performed at the touch of an icon and regularly used tests can be saved as “favorites” for instant test recall and setup.

With a plug & play design, loadcells can be interchanged in seconds and the majority of FTC’s wide range of test probes and fixtures can be used.

Food Technology Corporation’s booth at IFT is #2707.

SOURCE: Food Technology Corp.