By CDF Corp.

CDF Corp., a leading manufacturer of drum, pail, intermediate bulk container and bag in box liners and flexible packaging, has created a customer benefit by modifying the IBC form-fit liner to include holes in the perforated flaps.

CDF Corp. IBC form-fit linerThe CDF engineering team strategically added holes to the perforated flaps of the IBC form-fit liner to help hold the liner in place during filling; by keeping the liner squared, these flaps make fills easier. Once the IBC form-fit liner is filled, the flaps can be detached and used with a winder for dispensing. CDF was the first flexible packaging manufacturer to add holes to the perforated flaps to a number of customized applications. This feature is now part of all of CDF’s stock IBC form-fit liners.

Form-fit IBC liners provide high performance in critical applications, such as top-fill applications using a bridge or automated filler; containers with no access doors for placing a liner at the bottom; high speed fills and viscous products that would get caught in the folds of pillow-shaped liners.

Typical form-fit liner markets include chemicals (adhesives, automotive lubricants, automotive oils, chemicals, coatings, concrete drilling additives, detergents, inks, paints, polymer emulsions); cosmetics (conditioner, cream, lipstick, liquid makeup, lotion, mascara, shampoo); food and beverage (concentrated fruit, edible oils, fish oil, fructose, jams, liquid egg, malts, molasses, pastes, sweeteners, syrups, vinegar, juice, wine); and pharmaceutical.

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