Sartori cheese

During the 2011 holiday season, Sartori Co., Plymouth, Wis., offered a limited quantity of its highly anticipated Limited Edition Cognac BellaVitano cheese. BellaVitano is a creamy, fruity cheese that finishes with a sweet, tangy bite. The cheese itself is extra aged, having matured for at least 18 months. After the aging process, it is steeped in Rémy Martin Cognac for seven to 10 days. The end result is a complex profile of smoky, nutty, oaky flavors with toasted notes of vanilla and caramel from the cognac. The 20-pound wheels were distributed to select specialty retailers who cut and wrapped wedges for customers. The cheese came with a suggested retail price of $75 per pound. Additionally, a limited supply of 4-ounce wedges was sold through Sartori’s website for $17.50 plus shipping and handling.