Virginia Dare introduces apple flavors for spa drinks

By Virginia Dare   

Virginia Dare has introduced new apple flavors for spa drinks. Apple flavored sparkling spa drinks typically contain 20% apple juice, sucrose and/or fructose sweeteners (with brix around 8.6), citric acid, malic acid and natural flavors. 

Jazz Apple, Pink Lady Apple, Pinova (Pinata) Apple and Honeycrisp Apple flavors have been developed by Virginia Dare especially for these juice based beverages. The flavors work in both still and carbonated beverages. The appearance is a translucent pale yellow with no additional color added. The sparkling version would look like champagne.

As we delve into the flavor nuances of different apple varieties, the drink is about exploration, quality of life and fun. It offers an “affordable luxury” experience to consumers. These are not the apple juice beverages that kids drink.

Source: Virginia Dare