Artiste is an established global flavor and fragrance specialty ingredient company serving customers world-wide. It offers ingredients of flavored extracts, infusions, essential oils, natural aroma products and more.

The current natural products trend has increased the number of flowers and herbs being used as ingredients, especially in beverages. These delicately infused drinks are a hit among today’s health conscious consumer and starting to catch on among the mainstream. Artiste’s botanical extracts such as lavender, hibiscus, chamomile, jasmine, passion flower and rose are commonly known, yet add a unique twist when added to beverage applications.

Botanicals have proven to be more than a fad and are becoming a significant trend. In fact, International research body, Innova Market Insights recently identified some of the key trends that will impact the food and beverage market throughout 2012. The top trends relate to purity, authenticity and sustainability. In particular, Innova predicts that products labeled as “pure” will increase and products dubbed “natural” will remain steadfast -- two terms that easily apply to botanicals.
Artiste President and Principal owner Joe Raimondo stated, “Botanicals are the new wave in the healthy beverage movement. In addition to their “good for you” appeal, using them in such a nontraditional way adds an exciting freshness to the product.”