Biocatalysts broadened its dairy enzyme range with four new microbial enzymes suitable for use in EMC applications. Three new microbial proteases are Promod 903MDP (suited for the manufacture of EMCs where sharp protein notes are required), Promod 845MDP (when a low bitter, creamy savory flavor is required) and Flavorpro Umami (strong mature savory flavor with mouth filling protein notes).


Lipomod 957MDP is a microbial alternative to porcine pancreatin, and it has been specifically designed for dairy applications. Its flavor profile is similar to the one created by porcine pancreatin, dominated by strong fatty acid notes with sulphur and sweet undertones.

All of these products are microbial and non-animal derived, meaning they are suitable for use in Kosher and vegetarian products and can (with the exception of Promod 903MDP) also be made available as Halal.