The Kalona SuperNatural brand was launched in 2010, but its origins began five years earlier as the brainchild of owner Bill Evans. In 2005, Evans started Kalona, Iowa-based Kalona Organics, distributing Farmer’s All Natural Creamery dairy products and Cultural Revolution yogurt. In 2010, these brands were consolidated under the new family brand name Kalona SuperNatural. Recently the company added organic sour cream and organic cottage cheese to the brand. The latter comes in two varieties: regular (full fat) and reduced fat. Both cottage cheeses are cream-on-top formulations, which add to their natural richness that is also based on being non-homogenized and void of stabilizers and emulsifiers. The lack of such additives provides for an ultra-clean mouthfeel. The sour cream, too, has a simple ingredient legend: organic milk and cream and cultures.