Earlier this year, Springfield Creamery Inc., Eugene, Ore., introduced the country’s first fruit-on-top organic cottage cheese in three flavors: peach, pear and strawberry. Like all of Nancy’s dairy and soy products, this new single-serve (8-ounces) product contains probiotic cultures. The 100% real, organic fruit is lightly sweetened with organic agave and is packaged separate from the cottage cheese in a unique top cup that allows customers to personalize their eating experience. 

The company has long usedLactobacillus acidophilusandBifidobacterium bifidumin its cultured products. In fact, the company claims on its website that is was the first to add these bacteria to yogurt some 30 years ago. Two probiotics -Lactobacillus caseiandLactobacillus rhamnosus-have joined them over the past decade. According to company literature, there are billions of live cultures in every container of Nancy’s cultured dairy and soy products and this has been documented through testing at an independent laboratory.

The company says that the live cultures provide many benefits to the body, including: Stimulating the immune system; Improving calcium absorption; Synthesizing B vitamins; Improving digestion of lactose; Enhancing protein digestion and absorption; Providing healthy resident flora; Contributing anti-carcinogenic factors; and more.