Creators Briefs

Blue California is now offering complete micro-encapsulation services to the food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. R&D services offered include formulation development, feasibility studies and proof-of concept for new ideas and scale-up work to ensure a smooth and successful transition from research to full-scale production. Micro-encapsulation is a process by which tiny particles or droplets are coated with a protective layer to create small capsules with controlled properties. This process can provide many benefits such as protecting vitamins from oxygen’s deteriorating effects and probiotics from gastric acid, masking taste or odor and controlling the rate at which the particles leave the microcapsule. Access to this process offers ease of formulation and more flexibility with ingredients with unique characteristics, such as strong odor, taste or stability problems that have been a challenge to formulators. Blue California has used this innovative technology to develop and produce water-soluble ingredients, such as VitaDHA, a deodorized form of DHA, and other ingredients that are ideal for functional foods, beverages and dietary supplements. — Blue California,
Beverages For All Seasons
Increasing awareness of the link between health and diet has consumers seeking better-for-you products, especially when it comes to drinks. With that in mind, Danisco developed a line of healthful, dairy-based beverages to illustrate some nutritious options for consumers. Each beverage in the line evokes the season for which it is named. Grindsted Pectin AMD is an integral ingredient in each of these acidified milk beverages, stabilizing the protein and providing a variety of textures and mouthfeel. The Grindsted Pectin AMD products were designed to work with various protein sources, at low pH levels and to provide a range of texture characteristics. The seasonal beverage line illustrates the versatility of Grindsted Pectin AMD. — Danisco,
The FDA has authorized a non-cariogenic health claim for the carbohydrate sweetener isomaltultose, marketed as Palatinose. This helps to clear the way to new opportunities in positioning and product claims. “Cariogenic” describes a substance that stimulates tooth decay. Though produced from real sugar and exhibiting a very natural taste profile, Palatinose is distinguished by a very strong molecular binding, which cannot be broken by plaque bacteria and prevents the generation of acids that harm tooth enamel. In addition, recent scientific studies indicate that Palatinose promotes markedly improved fat burning. — Palatinit,