Creators Briefs

Coffee for a Cause
At the IFT 2007 Annual Meeting & Food Expo, Autocrat Coffee & Extracts presented organic and fair trade coffee extracts in addition to regular offerings that are used to flavor ice cream, iced cappuccino drinks, soy beverages and other dairy products. Autocrat, a fourth-generation family-owned business that roasts coffee and manufactures coffee extracts, has purchased a multimillion-dollar, custom, state-of-the-art extraction system to meet the demand for coffee extracts in both national and international markets.
— Autocrat Inc., (800) 288-6272,
Boost of Fiber
Tate & Lyle launches Promitor Soluble Corn Fiber, the second fiber in the Promitor range. Promitor™ Soluble Corn Fiber offers manufacturers an opportunity to help consumers boost their fiber intake with innovative products that deliver the right texture and all the taste people expect from their favorite brands. It will help manufacturers add fiber to a wide range of foods and beverages including beverages and dairy products. Promitor is a prebiotic fiber that is well tolerated and has a low glycemic response. The new fiber has excellent process and acid stability and dissolves clear in applications. It is extremely easy to formulate with and can be used to replace traditional sweeteners such as liquid and dry corn sweeteners, sucrose and sugar alcohols.
— Tate & Lyle, (866) 653-6622,
Cookie Crunch
Star Kay White introduces Chocolate Cookie Crunch Variegate as the next in its popular line of textured crumb-based variegates. Start with chocolate ice cream, add chocolate sandwich cookies as usual and inject Chocolate Cookie Crunch Variegate for a unique version of a proven top-10 flavor that delivers a fabulously decadent eating experience.
— Star Kay White, (845) 268-2600,
Friendly Gut Bacteria
Yogurts, soft drinks or juices with many more of the probiotics with higher longevity and improved health effects – superior fermented dairy products or new developments within functional foods that can’t be imagined today. The technology is based on sophisticated filtration technology, which is unique in performance and at the same time environmentally friendly, as it is possible to reduce ammonia and waste water in the production. Chr. Hansen now takes the step to further develop and implement the technology for application on an industrial scale.
— Chr. Hansen,
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