Exceeding Expectations

Customers are ensured the entire package with APV Invensys.
In this world, experience matters. Companies in markets such as food and beverage, power, oil and gas, depend on suppliers on whom they can rely. There is no room for error in environments where downtime can lead to financial losses.
This is why, across the world, APV teams provide an end-to-end approach, from developing deep understanding of the customer’s business, through to designing solutions that meet these specific requirements and ensuring that the end result meets the exact purpose, not just at the time of installation, but for many years to come. Projects carried out by APV are wide-ranging, from assisting customers to enter new business areas, to simply helping them to reduce operating costs and improve processing speeds.
What makes all this possible is the quality of the people behind the APV brand. Not only do they have the experience, but they are also instilled with an attitude of embracing challenges and never walking away from a problem. Since 1910, APV people have led the way, developing and bringing to market many of the technologies that are today’s process industry standards. APV has been sharing that expertise with customers for almost 100 years and intends to carry on doing so for many years to come.
Serving the dairy, brewery, beverage, processed food, pharmaceutical, industrial, petrochemical, energy and marine industries, APV is a global supplier of high-quality process engineering solutions and automation. From engineered components to a complete, fully automated process plant, APV focuses on adding value to its customers’ business performance and profitability.
The company’s range of manufactured products includes heat exchangers (plate, tubular, scrape surface and steam infusion), Gaulin/Rannie homogenizers, pumps and valves for hygienic applications. APV also offers a complete range of process technologies including UHT/ESL systems, aseptic systems, membrane filtration systems, plate evaporators, butter packers/churns and batching/blending systems. In addition to these technologies, The company offers a wide range of genuine aftermarket parts as well as lifetime maintenance services to keep equipment up and running at peak performance and maximum operating efficiencies.
Maintenance Services
As far as APV’s customers are concerned, installing a product, system or plant is just the beginning. The equipment has to perform to high standards for many years to come. To that end, the company offers wide variety of maintenance solutions. Key elements include:
• APV Maintenance Contracts — Maintenance contracts that are customized to the individual customer, from basic service levels through to comprehensive programs designed to achieve measurable plant improvements.
• APV Maintenance Services — Based on a comprehensive range of advanced testing and refurbishment programs, these services ensure high performance and productivity. The services also include traceability, environmental and quality control regulations, as well as finding ways to minimize waste.
• APV Maintenance Centers — These perform cleaning and regasketing of plate heat exchangers to ensure that they continue to perform as well as they did on day one of installation. APV can also provide a complete set of replacement plates during scheduled production stops.
• Spare Parts, Upgrades and Replacements — By using APV spare parts, customers are assured of reliability. The company also has a comprehensive program of upgrades and replacements for existing equipment.
• Training Courses — Courses are tailored to the customer’s specific requirements.
Engineering is one of the words most likely to be associated with APV, but the company’s own definition encompasses far more than customers may realize. “Engineering” in the APV context means looking at each customer project as an end-to-end process, from developing solutions that meet specific requirements, through to project management and on-going support. It also involves looking at the bigger picture and tailoring solutions for challenging situations, while maximizing the life of the equipment. The company works closely with customers to address internal plant issues and external market pressures.
The research and development (R&D) team at APV likes a challenge. From the invention of the world’s first plate heat exchanger (PHE) back in 1923, to the most up-to-date developments including the recent launch of the world’s largest PHE, the company’s R&D team enjoys taking on the seemingly impossible and finding answers. APV believes in thinking outside standard products and processes to customize our solutions — or devise new ones — that fit its customers’ precise needs. The company will work with its customers to achieve their goal, always bearing in mind the need to minimize business risk.
Of course, as far as customers are concerned, the issues of uptime, processing speed and reliability, raw material and production costs, and minimization of waste are always high on the agenda and APV prioritizes all these within the design. Able to produce flexible, turnkey solutions, the company’s innovation is backed by rigorous management execution systems, data and financial analysis and maintenance planning so that customers know from the outset that they have a solution that will provide a solid return-on-investment.
APV experts are also well versed in dealing with the particular challenges that different industries face. For instance, in the dairy, food and beverage industries, the company works with customers to address the increasingly important subject of traceability, using APV automation skills.
Other markets have their own pressures. For example, industrial, oil, gas and nuclear markets face massive expansion over the next five years, balanced against tightening environmental pressures. APV is working with customers in these fields to make the most of the opportunities, while trying to find answers to some of the problems these companies face. Whatever the situation, APV believes it has the ability, means and resources to satisfy clients’ expectations, from point of delivery throughout the whole life of the relationship.
Through a global network of manufacturing facilities on six continents, APV has become the epitome of the 24/7 organization, focused on ensuring that customer requirements are met, every day of the year.
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