R&D News

• London-based Tate & Lyle completed the sale of Tate & Lyle Canada Ltd. to American Sugar Refining Inc. In other news, the company has completed official openings of its Splenda sucralose facilities in Singapore.
• Weightlifters will want to raise a glass after a new study found that milk protein is significantly better than soy at building muscle mass. The study, conducted by a team of researchers at McMaster University’s Department of Kinesiology, was recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It compared how much muscle protein young men gained after completing a heavy-weight workout followed by consumption of equivalent amounts of protein as either fluid skim milk or a soy drink. The findings would suggest that if men consume only two cups of skim milk after each of their workouts, they would gain almost twice as much muscle in 10 weeks than if they drank the same amount of protein as a soy drink.
Barry Callebaut, manufacturer of high-quality cocoa, industrial chocolate and confectionery products, has announced a strategic supply and innovation partnership with The Hershey Co. The agreement with Hershey represents a substantial milestone for Switzerland-based Barry Callebaut as it will double the company’s production capacity in the region and position Barry Callebaut as the No. 1 industrial chocolate maker in the United States. Under the agreement, Barry Callebaut will supply a minimum of 80,000 tons of chocolate and finished products each year to Hershey.
• Switzerland-based Givaudan recently announced an increase in the investment in its taste research program. Givaudan has entered into a multi-year research and development collaboration and licensing agreement with Redpoint Bio Corp., a Cranbury, N.J.-based biotechnology company. The collaboration will utilize Redpoint Bio’s proprietary in-vitro biochemical assays and in vivo validation techniques, to discover and develop novel sweetness and savory enhancers, as well as bitter blocker compounds.  
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