New Flavor Snapshot

Dairy Field polled flavor houses and found the following hot concepts poised for rollout in 2007, as well as a few niche surprises:
Ice Cream/Novelties
Bread pudding; sugar cookie; blueberry pomegranate; chocolate cream pie; Olde Savannah caramel; chocolate mocha; white chocolate raspberry; chocolate banana; carrot chai; pomegranate cheesecake; green tea; popcorn-flavored cone novelty; marshmallow and graham (s’mores); hazelnut; coffee; pomegranate; peanut butter; alcohol flavors; gourmet vanilla; coffee (stronger roasts); peach; dulce de leche; maple. Niche flavors: Sopapilla; wasabi; coffee-flavored cone; Asian (red bean, ube, taro).
Horchata; carrot cake; chocolate raspberry; tropical fruit, oat and soy; Meyer lemon; lemon chiffon; mango; honey; amaretto. Niche flavors: Margarita-lime; strawberry/peach/blueberry/apple cinnamon Yoatmeal (yogurt with grains and inulin); prune.
Apple cinnamon spice; orange passion mango; blueberry vanilla; raspberry lemon; vanilla lemon mint; blueberry pomegranate; chocolate with inulin yogurt drink; strawberry pomegranate; cherry acai; fruit and vegetable pairings; strawberry (new profiles); peach; dulce de leche; cookies and cream; tropicals. Niche flavors: Cappuccino crème; gourmet vanilla.
Flavored Milk
Mocha; mango; white chocolate raspberry; cookies and cream; mint chocolate; vanilla; strawberry; dark chocolate; root beer; coffee-shop flavors (lattes and mochas); gourmet vanilla, dulce de leche; strawberry; maple. Niche flavors: Chocolate chili; horchata; candy bar flavors.
Reduced-sodium cheddar; pepper Jack; Swiss; steakhouse bleu cheese; red onion-caper; Asian (wasabi); Tuscan (garlic, balsamic, herb); Hispanic (jalapeño, chipotle, ancho, chimichurri); fruit; smoke. Niche flavors: Gorgonzola stout.
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