Creators Briefs

Lipid Formulation
LycoRed Limited launches a line of advanced oily blends featuring proprietary fatty acid premixes designed for infant formula. The oily blends will use a custom-made composition of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPs) and other oily soluble ingredients. These products line will be manufactured at LycoRed’s new specialized lipid formulation facility at its U.K. plant. Beyond infant formulas, the facility is equipped to manufacture mixtures of plant, algae and marine lipids with other active ingredients. These mixtures range from simple oil-based vitamin concentrates for use in mainstream food production to more complex premixes of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids which are proprietary to customers in the infant formula industry. — LycoRed Ltd.,
Cholesterol-Lowering Yogurt
Champion will be creating five new dairy products containing Forbes Medi-Tech’s cholesterol-lowering ingredient, Reducol™. The following products will be launched on the market through Champion stores: original and strawberry-flavored yogurt drinks; a mixed strawberry-and-apricot-flavored yogurt; and an all-natural fruit base set yogurt. Carrefour superstores will sell these products under the brand name Agir Nutrition. Reducol™ is a unique ingredient containing plant sterols and stanols, commonly known as phytosterols, or sterols. Like other previously announced Reducol-based products, these five products, when consumed in recommended amounts and combined with a prudent diet and regular exercise, may help customers lower their cholesterol by up to 24 percent. In Europe, Reducol is found in such dairy products as yogurt, yogurt drinks, cheese and margarine spread, but can also be found worldwide in such items as chocolates and dietary supplements. — Forbes Medi-Tech, (604) 689-5899,
Trans-Fat Formulations
Tate & Lyle is set to help the U.S. foodservice industry cut trans fats from their menus and meet new regulations, such as the recent trans-fat ban from restaurants in New York. With its wide range of ingredients and expertise in the reformulation of foods, Tate & Lyle is able to support foodservice businesses wanting to meet these new regulations with healthy yet delicious options on their menu. — Tate & Lyle, (866) 653-6622,
Sweet Indulgence
Soft-serve ice cream manufacturers can take advantage of Danisco’s technological innovation to create an indulgent treat that trims the fat while trimming production costs as well. New Grindsted® IcePro SS, a line extension within the Danisco Grindsted® IcePro family of patent-pending stabilizers, creates a creamy, indulgent soft serve ice cream while cutting fat from the traditional 5 to 7 percent to as low as 1 percent. This means that formulators can cut out more than half the fat, without negatively affecting taste, flavor or product stability. The cost of production is trimmed as well with the savings recovered from lower butterfat use. — Danisco, (800) 255-6837,
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