Israeli Yogurts

Tara You
Diet Yogurt Drink
This new drinkable yogurt product comes from Tara Dairies in Israel and is available in a cranberry and cherry variety. The beverage has been formulated with omega-3 fatty acid from fish oil. Each 250-milliliter plastic bottle features a reclosable screw cap and full-body shrink-sleeve label, and sells for 4.15 ILS (about 95 cents).
Tnuva Yoplait
1.5% Bio Yogurt
Tnuva Dairies has licensed the Yoplait brand name for this new cup yogurt product, in a variety described as “white” with “a hint of apple.” The yogurt contains 1.5 grams of fat per serving and just under a gram of dietary fiber. Retail price is 2.59 ILS (about 59 cents) for each 150-gram, foil-sealed, plastic container.
This bio-yogurt beverage from Machlevana contains 3 percent fat and is touted as a good alternative for consumers who don’t care for sweet drinks. The 400-gram containers sell for 6.19 ILS (about $1.42). Flavor offerings were yet to be announced.
Tnuva Prili
Bio 1.5% Drink
Another launch from Tnuva Dairies is this “limited edition” pineapple-flavored Bio 1.5% Yogurt Drink. This cultured beverage, which contains acidophilus bacteria, is sold in 250-milliliter reclosable plastic bottles. Retail price is 3.35 ILS (about 77 cents).
SOURCE: Mintel’s Global New Products Database

73 new yogurt products were released in the Middle East and Africa within the past 12 months, with strawberry leading the flavors in 21 products …
SOURCE: Mintel’s Global New Products Database
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