Specialty Cheese Spotlight
BelGioioso Introduces Newest Exclusive Cheese: Crescenza-Stracchino
Denmark, Wis.-based BelGioioso Cheese Inc. has introduced a classic variety called Crescenza-Stracchino. The cheese originated in the Lombardy and Romagna regions of Italy and due to the lack of refrigeration was traditionally made only during the autumn and winter months as the cows descended from the pastures of these mountainous regions. Cheesemakers discovered that the cow’s physical exertion from the journey increased the butterfat content of the milk and the cooler temperatures were necessary for preserving the freshness of the cheese. After years of producing classic Italian cheese varieties such as parmesan, mascarpone, fresh mozzarella and provolone, BelGioioso president Errico Auricchio decided that Crescenza-Stracchino was well worth sharing with a new audience. A room was specifically built to obtain the precise temperature and moisture levels required for the proper ripening of the cheese. “Our master cheesemakers have taken great care in developing this fresh rindless cheese. Its creamy texture and mild, milky flavor possess just a hint of tartness that after one bite entices you to eat more.” Auricchio says. BelGioioso Crescenza-Stracchino is formed into petite 3.5-pound wheels and is made to order. Also available in random weight cuts for retail, this fresh cheese has a limited shelf life and is rBST-free and vegetarian friendly. For more information, visit www.belgioioso.com.  
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