Dairy Charity

It is amazing what you stumble upon when you’re not even looking.   I managed to come across a great article in the Clovis News Journal that spoke kindly of an organization of women that was founded as an avid promoter of the dairy industry in support of children and nutrition. The United Dairy Women of the Portales and Clovis (New Mexico) area — “a charity that aids charities” —  is involved in educational programs, public relations and supporting local charities such as the food bank, children’s homes and church missions. In fact, the group was founded in 2005 when an assembly of women embarked on a “Milk Mission” for children’s homes after finding out that one of them only allowed children to receive one glass of milk each day. In a couple of weeks, the women managed to raise money for a whole year’s supply of milk for that particular home.
The organization also knew of two other children’s homes in the area in need of aid as well, the article continued. Consequently, the ladies held a “Milk Lover’s Ball” in Clovis that raised more than $10,000. The money was donated to the homes to ensure the children receive three servings of dairy each day. Reportedly, the main goal of the organization is to see that this generation of children receives enough calcium and to help the lives of adults in need.
The group’s latest fund-raising undertaking was this year’s Dairy Fest, a celebration which honored June Dairy Month and the organization’s one-year anniversary.
As we know, June has been National Dairy Month since 1939 — an occasion many say is perfect to celebrate dairy while educating the community about its many nutritional benefits. Dairy Fest 2006 included plenty of dairy-oriented festivities. The event also featured booths set up by dairy producers to act as an educational tour for visitors.
Remember DF’s first focus on women in the dairy industry back in January? I was thinking, what a great idea to include these women or those like them, who are contributing to our industry in a different kind of way.
I am so grateful to have discovered this wonderful organization that is most worthy of mention.  
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