R&D News
Citroil Enterprises, a citrus oils and juices supplier, recently opened a new flavors division at its U.S. corporate offices in Carlstadt, N.J. The company is expanding its American operations to include a flavoring division similar to those the company has in its South American sister companies in Argentina and Brazil. Citroil’s Flavors Division will specialize in flavors for beverages, confection, baked goods and dairy and will feature low-carbohydrate, organic and nutraceutical products. All ingredients will be certified kosher and can be NOP compliant.
Chicago-based CP Kelco will increase prices on its biogums product range starting in November. Price increases will be 5 to 10 percent for xanthan gum and xanthan blends and 10 percent for gellan, wellan and diutan gums. Prices for currently contracted business will be adjusted as individual contracts come due, company officials say.
The Solae Co., St. Louis, a provider of value-added soy lecithin products, announces a price increase for its Solec™ Soy Lecithin product portfolio that will range between 5 and 15 percent. The new prices will take effect in November, company officials say, and cite an unprecedented rise in energy and transportation costs for the price increase. Meanwhile, Solae and hometown neighbor Monsanto are working together to develop and market a new line of soy proteins with improved flavor and solubility. This collaboration combines each company’s unique strengths to bring such a technology to market. Using advanced plant breeding technology, Monsanto is developing a new soybean with higher levels of beta-conglycinin, designed to improve soy protein flavor and functionality.
Internationally renowned experts ranging from top dairy researchers and processors to leading health and nutritional specialists presented cutting-edge benefits of whey proteins at the recent 2005 International Whey Conference in Chicago, hosted by the American Dairy Products Institute and the European Whey Products Association in partnership with top international dairy consumer goods companies. Speakers discussed emerging research demonstrating that whey-derived bioactive components, which enhance the performance of physically active adults, helped to increase lean muscle tissue, support cardiovascular health and weight management, and improve immune defenses.
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