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Organic Almonds
Gold Hills Nut Co., the only certified California processor capable of providing blanched manufactured organic almonds, recently launched its line of blanched and roasted organic almonds. Gold Hills began processing organic almonds in 2002 to accommodate its expanding organic grower base as well as to fill an increasing market demand for blanched and roasted organic almonds. The new organic line will be sold to organic food processors, health food stores and restaurants and includes blanched and dry roasted whole almonds, blanched sliced, diced, slivered and milled almonds and roasted diced almonds.
— Gold Hills Nut Co., (209) 634-2022,

Freeze-Dried Culture
Danisco’s DPL® direct-set freeze-dried culture for sour cream is a direct-to-vat blend of freeze-dried culture offers a breakthrough to dairy manufacturers as it decreases fermentation time, delivers excellent flavor and texture profiles, and provides easy use and storage. DPL 1000 offers exceptional speed by setting fermentation vats in 11 to 12 hours. The culture produces a balanced flavor and texture profile in sour cream, eliminating the need for additional ingredients, ultimately saving time and money. Batch uniformity and consistency are achieved for optimal plant efficiency. DPL 1000 tolerates milk temperature fluctuations providing peach of mind during storage or handling disruptions.
— Danisco USA Inc., (913) 764-8100,

Cream of the Crop
AeroWhip™ whip-optimized solutions are cellulosics created specifically for the global dairy and non-dairy whipped topping industry. Aqualon, a business unit of Hercules Inc., developed this family of ingredients in response to demand for improved whipped-topping performance. With AeroWhip solutions, well-defined decorative shapes can be created that have superior stiffness and stability over a week in refrigerated storage. Whipped-topping producers can achieve as much as 40 percent greater stiffness when using AeroWhip solutions in their existing formulations while achieving excellent body, mouthfeel, overrun and stability. These ingredients also allow the development of reduced-fat and full-fat whipping creams with excellent foam properties. Formulators striving to create a lowfat whipped cream can reduce fat by up to 20 percent and still deliver a quality product with lower formulation costs. Other key benefits of Aerowhip products include syneresis control and reduced shrinkage of the topping.
— Aqualon, (800) 345-0447,

Non-GMO Lecithin
Degussa Food Ingredients’ LECI-PS®, a soybean lecithin based nutritional supplement to improve cognitive functions, is now available in a non-GMO version in concentrations from 20 percent PS up to 90 percent PS. Besides the powdered form LECI-PS 20 P IP, Degussa is launching LECI-PS 20 V IP, the non-GMO version, a breakthrough in manufacturing stable PS softgel capsules, and LECI-PS 90 IP, which offers one of the highest PS concentration on the market. LECI PS IP comes with a full documentation to proof the compliance with the existing non-GMO labeling guidelines, which is a prerequisite to use PS in food-related applications.
— Degussa Food Ingredients,
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