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Drinkable Dairy
The newly released Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 recommend dairy products without added sugars. In response to the increased demand for high-quality sugar-free products, SPI Polyols has developed a new line of drinkable dairy formulations and application bulletins. The drinkable yogurt and milkshakes feature SPI’s extensive Maltisweet Maltitol Syrup product line.
– SPI Polyols, (302) 576-8600,

Vanillin Replacement
With vanillin prices rising over the last year, David Michael offers its Supervan® as a captive, in-house ingredient. It was developed in the late 1960s and used to make cost-reduced versions of artificial vanilla flavors. Supervan is an artificial flavor that is a one-to-one replacement for vanillin that can be used in any application. While Supervan is a functional replacement for vanillin, many prefer its more rounded flavor character, which gives it a more natural flavor profile. With a limited number of vanillin manufacturers in the world, the price and supply of vanillin can have dramatic fluctuations. Using a replacement ingredient like Supervan saves money and ensures a stable source of supply. David Michael also offers Supervan E, a one-to-one replacement for ethyl vanillin. Both are available as either a white, free-flowing powder, or as a clear, water-soluble liquid.
– David Michael & Co., (215) 632-3100,

Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Degussa Food Ingredients launches its new alpha-lipoic acid formulation with improved product properties, in cooperation with Wacker Fine Chemicals. The product consists of alpha-lipoic acid microencapsulated on a molecular level with alpha-cyclodextrin. The patent-pending product is dispersible in water and characterized by a significantly improved shelf life, improved taste and lessened throat irritation. Discovered in the 1940s, alpha-lipoic acid gained popularity in recent years as a dietary supplement and food ingredient. Being water and fat soluble, alpha-lipoic acid is present in almost all body parts, playing an important role in maintaining healthy antioxidant levels. Alpha-lipoic acid is used for detoxification and in food for diabetics due to its blood glucose lowering properties. Its involvement in the human body’s energy production and influence on creatine absorption increased its use in the area of sports nutrition in recent years. Degussa also plans to launch a new liquid formulation for beverages and soft gels with improved solubility and stability as well as clinically proven improved bioavailability.
– Degussa Food Ingredients, (262) 547-5531,
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