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Specialty Polyols
SPI Polyols announces the addition of Maltisweet™ Crystalline Maltitol to its product line. Manufactured in the United States, the initial product offering will be three different particle size options packaged in 1,000-kilogram bulk bags and 25-kilogram paper bags. SPI is strategically focused on the continued growth of specialty polyols and their applications in North America and will work to customize particle size and packaging to meet the varied and growing needs of the market.
— SPI Polyols Inc., (800) 789-9755,
Gelatin Free
TIC Gums has developed a blend of gums and starches specifically designed for a consistent texture in yogurt applications. TIC Pretested® Dairyblend YG AG is a gelatin-free blend of starches, agar and pectin that provides a creamy mouthfeel for both vat set and cup set processes. TIC Pretested Dairyblend YG AG offers rapid hydration and a smooth mouthfeel and is also effective in reduced-carbohydrate formulations. The gelatin-free composition also has piqued the interest of yogurt makers recently after domestic cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) led to questions about animal byproducts.
— TIC Gums Inc., (410) 273-7300,
Fish Oil Powders
Lipid Nutrition introduces two new marine-based omega-3 fatty acid products, the Marinol™ Omega-3 High-Stability Powder and Marinol DHA High-Stability Powder. Both products include the carbohydrate mannitol, which is used to improve stability and prevent the smell of fish oil when in powder form, for a variety of food and dietary supplement applications. These new powders overcome the taste issues typically associated with other marine-based fish-oil products and deliver increased stability in food applications and storage. Marinol powder products are GRAS and can be easily dry blended with other ingredients, making it ideal for milk, beverage and bakery applications bakery applications.
— Lipid Nutrition, (815) 730-5200,
Probiotic Vitality
Preserving the activity of live cultures during processing, storage and digestion is difficult due to their high susceptibilities to oxygen, shear, heat and acids. New research shows that adding inulin, a prebiotic food ingredient, protects probiotics during processing and transit through the digestive tract. Previous studies have shown that oligofructose has a positive effect on the survival of probiotic cultures in fermented dairy products during processing and shelf life. While this research shows that probiotic bacteria are still viable at the time of consumption, it does not indicate whether the bacteria are vital enough to survive the severe stress of digestive conditions. Orafti tested yogurt to determine if Raftilose inulin also promotes the survival of probiotic bacteria during digestion in the body. Findings show that Raftilose inulin protects probiotics through both storage and digestion. The clean flavor and formulating flexibility of inulin appears ideal for use in synergy with probiotics in processed food applications.
– Orafti Active Food Ingredients, (610) 889-9828,
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