One-piece Mixing Paddle Scraper

Remco Products offers a one-piece mixing paddle scraper that is lightweight, durable and meets FDA requirements. The solid one-piece polypropylene construction eliminates the gaps found in other paddles with handles that can attract bacteria, a critical concern for food plants. With an improved paddle shape and tapered edges, this tool can efficiently mix product and scrape tubs and vats without damaging the work surface. The unique, modified T-grip offers a firm grip for all tasks. Available with or without holes in two lengths and five colors. — Remco Products, 4735 W. 106th St., Zionsville, Ind., 46077, phone: (317) 876-9856, fax: (800) 585-8619, Web site:
Pharmaceutical Checkweigher
Hi-Speed Checkweigher introduces its new Model Rx1 Pharmaceutical Checkweigher. Designed specifically to handle small, lightweight products of less than 200 grams, the Rx1 achieves accuracy at high production speeds. With unique “plug and play” modules and motors, the Rx1 is easy to use and maintain. The Rx1 can be equipped with Hi-Speed’s Login Server option to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. Handling up to 600 containers per minute, Hi-Speed’s Rx1 maintains accuracy at tolerances of +/- 15mg at 2 sigma, which enables detection of missing tablets, components, leaflets, contents of blister packs and aerosol and fluid levels in small containers. Hi-Speed’s force restoration weigh cell provides minute, repeatable weighing. All major parts on the Rx1, including the intelligent control modules, motors and touch screen control can be removed and replaced via a “plug-and-play” design that eases maintenance and minimizes machine downtime. Manufactured of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, the Rx1 features a cantilevered, open access design to ensure quick adjustment and easy cleaning. — Hi-Speed Checkweigher Co. Inc., 5 Barr Road, Ithaca, N.Y., 14850, phone: (800) 836-0836, (607) 257-6000, fax: (607) 257-5232, e-mail:, Web site: www.hispeed
SWAP Valve Upgrade
The Delta SWAPC sanitary single-seat valve series from APV features the same advanced technology in the areas of seal design, materials, flexibility and controls applied in the standard Delta SW4 series. Customers keep their existing APC 700 or 800 series valve bodies, clamps and gaskets, while the remainder of the valve is completely replaced with a slightly modified SW4 insert, or “SWAP” valve. The SWAPC series uses the same seal kits as used on comparable SW4 valve sizes and configurations, while offering the same advantages found in the SW4 – including the ability to adapt the Delta CU3 family of control units. The Delta CU3 is designed for direct connection to a PLC system, referred to as Direct Connect (24V AC/DC or 110VAC), or can support fieldbus protocols, such as ASI and DeviceNet. — APV/Invensys, 100 S. CP Ave., Lake Mills, Wis., 53551, phone: (888) 278-4321, e-mail:, Web site:
Spouted-Pouch Filler
Versatile CMF-10 filler is designed to fill pouches with liquids at speeds up to 20 per minute, depending on product viscosity, spout design and pouch size. Filling range varies from 100 to 5,000 milliliters. The CMF-10 is user-friendly and its quick changeover makes it ideal for short runs and sample preparation. Some of the automation options include a magazine for pouch feeding and an automated cap-feeding bowl. A vacuum-delay leak detection system can be added to ensure pouch integrity. — Hart Design & Mfg. Inc., 1940 Radisson St., Green Bay, Wis., 54302, phone: (920) 468-5927, fax: (920) 468-5888
N-8 Gable-Top Packager
Evergreen Packaging Equipment’s N-8 gable-top packaging machine is a workhorse in the industry for single-serve fresh milk and juice products. The reliable N-8 forms, fills and seals up to 340 paper gable-top cartons per minute in sizes ranging from 4 to 10 ounces. N-8’s programmable logic controller makes operation simple while automating many functions. Machine status is readily available on the machine’s CRT and fill volumes can be adjusted at operating speed. Optional ESL® features are available for maintaining product quality allowing users to ship longer distances and minimizing out-of-code returns. — Evergreen Packaging Equipment, 2400 Sixth St. S.W., P.O. Box 3000, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52406, phone: (319) 399-3306, fax: (319) 399-3543, Web site:
Cool Compression
Vilter Manufacturing Corp.’s Cool Compression™ compressor uses the efficiency of direct-contact heat transfer to cool the compressor oil in the oil separator. The technology reduces oil carryover and eliminates oil foaming as the liquid ammonia layer in the separator covers the heavier oil. Inherent pressure of the oil separator transfers the cooled oil back into the compressor. Keeping the oil and liquid refrigerant at saturation temperature leads to a cleaner and simpler design. The unit runs cooler which produces less heat in the equipment room. Cool Compression units have fewer components compared to other twin-screw and single-screw compressors, which results in reduced overall maintenance over the life of the units. The unique design eliminates the need for an oil pump, oil cooler, three-way valve, coalescent element and separate heat exchanger. A smaller footprint offers facilities an advantage in tight equipment rooms. — Vilter Manufacturing Corp., 5555 S. Packard Ave., Cudahy, Wis., 53110, phone: (414) 744-0111, Web site:
Infrared Analyzer for Dairy
Advanced Instruments has introduced the Delta LactoScope analyzer, an infrared spectrophotometer capable of accurately determining fat, protein, lactose and total solids in milk, cream and other dairy products. Its modular construction, including open access to the pump, homogenizer and other components, allows for easy maintenance and parts replacement. LactoScope is available in manual and automatic versions with throughput rates up to 450 samples per hour. Accuracy and repeatability exceed industry-accepted standards for laboratory analyzers. A simple user interface makes it easy to operate and no external computer is required. A standard RS-232 enables data transmission to an external source and a printer output port is also included. — Advanced Instruments Inc., 2 Technology Way, Norwood, Mass., 02062, (781) 320-9000, (800) 225-4034, fax: (781) 320-8181, Web site:
Applications Weighing Terminal
A new weighing terminal from Mettler Toledo combines the latest technology with PC software for demanding weigh applications. The ID30 weighing terminal features a flat screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) with a separate computer module. With the touch of a button, the HMI box can be tilted to six different angles from vertical in 15-degree increments, all to suit each individual working position. This ensured convenient operation and certain reading. The ID30 supports connection of up to three standard or high-precision scales, printers, barcode scanners and digital I/O. A built-in software driver simplifies development of custom applications. — Mettler-Toledo Inc., 1900 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio, 43240, phone: (800) 523-5123, e-mail, Web site:
Thermochromatic Inks For Shrink Labels
Seal-It Inc. is introducing thermochromatic inks, a new way to print shrink labels with the potential to increase sales with the innovation of color changes. Color changes occur when the ink is subjected to either hot or cold temperatures, offering enormous marketing potential. For example, a manufacturer wanting to promote its product with a game that includes a secret code printed on the label could instruct consumers to put the product in the freezer in order to see the code. Other uses are for toys, interactive games and cartoon characters, and to indicate perishable food products. Seal-It prints up to 10 colors that can include a wide range of thermochromatic colors. The company prints heat-shrink PVC, PETG and OPS films, with a choice of rotogravure or modified flexographic printing. Seal-It also manufactures full-body labels, tamper-evident bands and sleeves for multipacks. — Seal-It Inc., 70 Schmitt Blvd., Farmingdale, N.Y., 11735, phone: (800) PVC-SEAL, (800) 325-3965 or (516) 935-3965, fax: (516) 935-3967, e-mail:, Web site:
Dodge E-Z Kleen Tigear-2 Reducer
Rockwell Automation’s newest addition to its Tigear-2 family of single reduction right angle worm speed reducers is the Dodge E-Z Kleen Tigear-2 Reducer, specifically designed for the washdown conditions of the food and beverage industry. Its 13-step coating system provides more than three times the corrosion resistance of standard epoxy painted units. The reducers come standard with stainless-steel output shafts or hubs, stainless-steel hardware for corrosion protection and a two-piece harsh-duty sealing system that excludes high-pressure sprays and sanitizing solutions. Available in sizes 13 through 40 in quill, adaptable and separate-input configurations and in sold and hollow bore output configurations. — Rockwell Automation, 6040 Ponders Court, Greenville, S.C., 29615, (864) 281-2171, fax: (864) 281-2433, Web site:
Beverage Dispensing Equipment Catalog
Foxx Equipment Co. has issued its 2004 catalog of beverage dispensing equipment distributed exclusively to wholesale markets. New items include stainless-steel pipe-thread fittings, cylinder tank holder racks, bulk tank truck, brass compression adapters, flush-mount drains in brass, stainless-steel beer faucets and economy push-to-connect fittings. The free catalog is available through Fo’xxs Web site and orders may be placed via the catalog order form or Web site. — Foxx Equipment Co., 421 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City, Mo., 64108, phone: (816) 421-3600, Web site:
Operator Panels
Red Lion Controls has introduced its G3 HMI Series, a family of operator panels that offers up to five communication ports, next-generation software and a built-in gateway to Web-enable virtually any device. This capability allows users to access, monitor and control their machines and attached devices across a LAN or the Internet. Machines can be programmed to automatically post logged data to a Web page, devices can be triggers and processes can be remotely monitored and controlled with a remote PC. All G3 HMIs feature an integrated gateway that converts any attached device’s serial protocol to on-board 10 Base T/100 Base-TX Ethernet. Two of the three G3 HMI models feature a touch screen. — Red Lion Controls Inc., 20 Willow Springs Circle, York, Pa., 17402, (717) 767-6511
Room-Temperature Monitoring Swab
BioControl Systems has introduced the first ATP sampling devices that don’t need refrigerated storage. The Light­–­ing MVP™ Sampling Devices for surface and liquid hygiene monitoring can be stored at room temperature for up to one year. Benefits of a shelf-stable sampling device include fewer wasted sampling devices due to temperature abuse and less chance of inaccurate data. The Lightning MVP is the industry’s first multi-parametric instrument to combine ATP monitoring with measurements of other common quality measurements including temperature and pH. Users can collect, analyze and report data from multiple quality indicators with a single instrument. — BioControl Systems Inc., 12822 S.E. 32nd St., Bellevue, Wash., 98005, phone: (425) 603-1123, (800) 245-0113, fax: (425) 603-0080, e-mail:, Web site:
Air-Lift Screen Change System
Kason’s new Air-Lift System integral to circular vibratory screening frames allows cleaning, inspection and screen changes 400 to 500 percent faster and with 75 to 85 percent less manual effort. This lightweight device consists of two vertically mounted air cylinders located on opposing sides of any circular separator and affixed to mounting brackets on the lower and upper screening frames. To operate, a quick-disconnect clamp connecting the frames is removed and a remote air valve is activated, raising the upper frame. The procedure is reversed to reconnect the chambers. Safety features include a safety lockout that locks the frames in the open or closed position when the upper screener housing is raised or lowered and safety bars that prevent the housing from accidentally descending while in a fully raised position during screen changes to wash down. The Air-Lift device is available on new Kason screeners and can be retrofitted to circular vibratory screeners from 48 to 84 inches in diameter. – Kason Corp., 67-71 E. Willow St., Millburn, N.J., 07041, phone: (973) 467-8140, fax: (973) 258-9533, e-mail:, Web site:
GP14 PowerTrap
TLV has announced its new GP14 PowerTrap, an advanced condensate recovery system for pumping high-temperature condensate for vented receivers, sumps and other pump applications. The GP14 provides high-pressure, high-temperature condensate pumping services up to 392 degrees F and 200 psig. Available in cast iron or cast steel with connection sizes of 3x2, NPT, 2x2 and 3x2 flanged. — TLV Corp., 13901 S. Lakes Drive, Charlotte, N.C., 28273, (704) 597-9070, phone: (704) 597-9070, fax: (704) 583-1610, Web site:
Nitrogen Generation Systems
Parker Balston introduces its second-generation Balston membrane nitrogen gas generators. The Nitrosource Nitrogen Generators line has been redesigned with new features and more efficient membrane. Features include a digital data management system tracking status information, system set-up information, maintenance indicators, detailed alarm functions, extensive date, exchange facilities and remote control option. The unique modular design expands from front to back for easy portability through standard-size doorways. Modules can be added to the main unit for more output capacity. Prefilters, carbon tower, membrane filter and built-in oxygen monitor come standard. — Parker Hannafin Corp., 242 Neck Road, Haverhill, Mass., 01845, (800) 343-4048, (978) 858-0505, fax: (978) 858-0625, Web site:
Pump For Heavy Oils
Farme’xs new hand pump is designed to be used for 5-gallon drums and buckets to dispense heavy gear oils up to SAE 140, heavy lube oils and synthetic oils, along with other oils and water-based fluids and other drum sizes using a standard threaded opening. The pump features a 58-inch reinforced outlet hose with an anti-drip nozzle, drain-back nozzle holder, stainless-steel mesh filter and nitrile rubber seals. The threaded steel body is designed to fit container lids with standard 21/4-inch eight threads-per-inch openings. — Farmex Inc., 10325 State Route 43, Streetsboro, Ohio, 44241, phone: (800) 821-9542, (330) 562-2222, fax: (330) 562-0994, Web site:
Ergonomic Order Picker
Jungheinrich Lift Truck introduces its new AC-powered horizontal order picker that increases warehouse and distribution center productivity, the Model ECE-20. The ergonomically designed truck features a fixed stand-on platform to allow order pickers to handle loads safely and efficiently. Optional hydraulically raised platform positions the operator close to the load for comfortable order picking. Trucks are ideally suited for material handling applications in warehouses and distribution centers. State-of-the-art electronic controller automatically regulates acceleration, travel speed and braking. Three steering options: standard mechanical tiller handle, electric tiller handle control for simple steering and patented JET Pilot controller that combines the electric handle and steering wheel for one-handed manipulation. — Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., 5701 Eastport Blvd., Richmond, Va., 23231, phone: (804) 737-6084, fax: (804) 737-6136, Web site:
One-Piece Base
Meese Orbitron Dunne’s Unitote intermediate bulk container features a durable, polyethylene pallet base that withstands off-the-mark forklift entry yet may be easily removed by one person for cleaning and replaced if necessary without replacing the bottle to extend the life of the entire container. Rotationally molded in one piece for strength and rigidity, the rugged, four-way accessible base ensconces the valve and discharge assembly within a recess in the base to safeguard the all-polypropylene system from stray forklifts, IBC warmer doors, mixers and container tilters. The one-piece base attaches with four one-piece polyethylene bolts to an impact-resistant, all-polyethylene bottle, available in 275- and 330-gallon capacities. Unitote stacks two high when full and three high when empty while draining to 3 ounces or less. Options include tamper-evident door and top discharge. — Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., 4920 State Road, P.O. Box 607, Ashtabula, Ohio, 44004, (800) 772-7659, (440) 998-1202, fax: (440) 992-4667, Web site:
Wide Miniature Linear Guides
Danaher Motion introduces its new wide series of MicroGuide miniature linear guides, which meet high accuracy and load capacity requirements needed in today’s applications. The MicroGuide Wide is constructed of 440 stainless steel, requires little or no lubrication and is corrosion resistant. The unit delivers extremely smooth, quiet operation and high accuracy with dimensional tolerances within +/-0.010 mm. The two-track, gothic ball groove geometry is ideal for single-rail applications with moment loads. Available in 7, 9, 12 and 15 millimeter sizes, guides can be made to custom lengths and configurations for specific applications. — Danaher Motion, 6095 Parkland Blvd., Suite 310, Mayfield Heights, Ohio, 44124, phone: (440) 995-3200, fax: (440) 995-3204, Web site:
Quick-Setting Floor-Patching Compound
Capital Industries introduces Kwik-Bond, a USDA-approved quick-setting, low-temperature floor-patching compound designed to repair holes, cracks, expansion joints and larger spalled areas on cooler or freezer floors. Kwik-Bond is a unique polyester mortar mix that will set and cure in 45 minutes to an hour at temperatures ranging from –30 degrees F and up. Kwik-Bond will set and cure without the need of heating lamps, propane torches, or the need to shut down refrigerated areas to make repairs. Kwik-Bond can be used any where a quick set is desired, in any temperature range. — Capital Industries Inc., P.O. Box 1693, Mattituck, N.Y., 11952, phone: (800) 820-0680, (631) 765-6210, fax: (631) 765-6211, Web site:
Fast Oscillation Data Analysis
ATS RheoSystems introduces its new StressTech HR Rheometer equipped with novel UV Cure Monitoring Accessory and proprietary Fast Oscillation Data Acquisition Software. The instrument utilizes the integrated light triggering capability and data collection rates greater than 100 points, along with combined shrinkage measurements for monitoring the real-time cure profiling of light-activated DNS materials. This information is critical to optimizing formulations and processing conditions, and predicting product performance and acceptance. The new rheometer utilizes Fast Oscillation Data Analysis that allows for real-time UV cure profiling and shrinkage determination by providing the ability to
capture the rapid, transient changes in the material. The StressTech HR Rheometer along with the Rheo­Explorer V5 software is designed to allow accurate measurements of DNS materials that typically exhibit shrinkage of 10 to 15 percent while curing. — ATS RheoSystems, 52 Georgetown Road, Bordentown, N.J., 08505, phone: (609) 298-2522, e-mail:, Web site:
Marketing Messages
Beverage marketers can drive brand recognition and deliver special messages to consumers with new patent-pending Decorated SuperEnd® beverage ends from Crown Beverage Packaging. SuperEnd beverage ends feature a distinctive message or billboard area for marketers to print brand logos, special messages and co-branding promotions, instant-win campaigns or to communicate with consumers about issues such as recycling. This exclusive 45-degree angle countersink wall results from the unique geometry incorporated into the design of SuperEnd can ends, which are easy and cost-effective to implement, without capital investment. SuperEnd beverage end conversions consist of normal seamer wear parts such as chucks, rolls, knockout pads and cap pushers. SuperEnd can ends also deliver excellent seaming performance, dimension control and seamer tooling life. Available in 202- and 206-diameters, SuperEnd can ends are fully commercial and are currently used with beer, soft drink, juice and other beverage applications. A 204-diameter is currently under development. — Crown Beverage Packaging USA Inc., an affiliate of Crown Holdings Inc., 1 Crown Way, Philadelphia, Pa., 19154, phone: (215) 698-5100, Web site:
Scraped-Surface Heat Exchanger
Alfa Laval launches a new generation of Contherm® scraped-surface heat exchangers with performance-enhancing features. The heat exchangers are designed for heating and cooling of sticky, viscous, particulate and crystallizing/phase-change processes. Includes new, improved blade materials and a detectable polymer that can enhance food safety and food security initiatives. A 3-inch tangential head specifically designed for sanitary and food-processing applications provides gentler product treatment and is optional for new Contherm heat exchangers or retrofitted for existing units. Products enter the cylinder in a corkscrew pattern under the rotor in the same direction as the rotor, preserving product quality by providing a larger flow area and reduced pressure drop across the head for low shear and sensitive treatment of products that are viscous or contain particulates. — Alfa Laval Inc., 5400 International Trade Drive, Richmond, Va., 23231, phone: (804) 545-8120, fax: (804) 545-0194, Web site:
Supplier’s News
Polytainers Inc. won four packaging awards in the 29th annual International Gallery of Superb Printing competition, sponsored by the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen. Polytainers won gold awards for its 500-gram President’s Choice Organics Plain Yogurt and 700-gram Danone Classic Fruit Yogurt containers; a bronze for its 1.5-liter President’s Choice Candy Cane Ice Cream container; and an honorable mention for its 2-liter President’s Choice Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream container.
Appleton, Wis.-based WOW Logistics will add another 75,000 square feet to its Jerome, Idaho, distribution center, which opened in 2002. WOW also will expand its cooler sections within the current 232,000 square feet and convert 825,000 cubic feet to multi-temperature sections to yield nearly 2.5 million cubic feet of refrigerated space. WOW also is expanding its Little Chute, Wis., cooler facility, increasing refrigerated storage space to 2.06 million cubic feet.
Alliance has acquired Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Decision Point Marketing (DPM), a full-service marketing and merchandising company. Dairy Management Inc. and the International Dairy Foods Association are among DPM’s clients. The acquisition also includes Cold-Sell Systems, which manufacturers a patented merchandising system for refrigerated beverages and food. Alliance, a division of Rock-Tenn Co., is based in Winston-Salem, N.C.
IRM Corp. has signed a letter of intent to acquire Phoenix-based Helm Software, a provider of contract management systems for the food and beverage industries. Dallas-based IRM provides sales and marketing information to companies in the food and beverage industries. Both sides expect the transaction to close by mid-May.
Emerson Process Management’s Micro Motion brand won Readers’ Choice Awards from Control and Plant Services magazines. The Micro Motion Model 2500 MVD Transmitter was a finalist for Plant Engineering’s 2003 Product of the Year. Emerson’s Micro Motion flowmeters scored No. 1 in the broad “Flowmeter” category in Plant Services. Control named Boulder, Colo.-based Emerson Process Management the No. 1 supplier of process instrumentation and controls on its top 50 list of leading process and control suppliers. St. Louis-based parent company Emerson recently ranked best in the electronics industry for quality of products and services, innovation, long-term investment value, use of corporate assets, and social responsibility, according to Fortune magazine’s annual survey of the most admired companies in America.
McLean, Va.-based 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. (3-A SSI) received formal notice of achieving accreditation as a Standards Developer Organization by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The ANSI Executive Standards Council announced its action based on the 3-A SSI application for accreditation submitted last summer. ANSI accreditation was granted for new “umbrella” procedures submitted by 3-A SSI for its standards development activities. Accreditation by ANSI signifies the procedures meet the institute’s essential requirements for openness, balance, consensus and due process.
Foundation of the International Association of Food Industry Suppliers (IAFIS), McLean, Va., awarded two annual $10,000 V. Duane Rath Graduate Research Fellowships to Alejandro Amezquita of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Elizabeth Panko Briczinski of Pennsylvania State University. Amezquita and Briczinski were chosen from among 16 graduate student applicants for the Rath Fellowships.
Partners in Progress
Trimming the Waste
World Water Works helps dairy processor enjoy tremendous savings with new treatment equipment.
With an inefficient wastewater treatment system going unused and escalating sewer surcharges of more than $30,000 a month, Alpenrose Dairy had to find a better way to do business.
The Portland, Ore.-based processor of milk, ice cream, cottage cheese and sour cream had installed a wastewater treatment system 10 years earlier, but it was retired after several years of high operating costs because the carbon-steel system became corroded.
“We had 60,000-gallon tanks to put a day’s run into. When we would discharge to the city, they were charging us extra charges. We had tried a couple different ways to solve the problems before World Water Works gave us a system,” says Eric Trummel, Alpenrose maintenance manager.
Initially, Trummel did an Internet search to find vendors to help with the dairy’s wastewater issues, and he found World Water Works, Elmsford, N.Y.
World Water Works offered its www/RESOURCE Dissolved Air Flotation system as a solution for Alpenrose to pretreat its wastewater. “Our wastewater treatment system works on ways to improve liquid/solid separation. We took advantage of newer research to make it cost effective,” says Mark Fosshage, World Water Works president, explaining that design is based on plant size, flow rates and concentration. “It’s a fixed design that we scale to the plant.”
Alpenrose renovated its existing wastewater treatment building to provide space for the new system, purchasing equalizing and sludge tanks. Tanks were built on site.
“We’re basically a 65-acre farm in Portland and our wastewater treatment building sits 500 feet from the dairy. We had this building with old equipment and pedestals to jackhammer out. We had to break through the attic and put the tanks in what was our courtyard,” says Trummel. “World Water Works gave us a good drawing to work from and we built it.” The dairy’s staff installed the equipment at the plant.
Equalization tanks designed to World Water Works specifications were installed, and the company provided the system and necessary components to treat the wastestream including feed pumps, chemical pumps, skid-mounted platform and touch-screen controls.
World Water Works’ regional chemical partner, Wesmar, provided an efficient chemical program based on an analysis of Alpenrose’s wastestream. The program worked without adjustment. Water is treated at a pH of about 5.5, which maximizes oil and grease removal. The polypropylene design assures system longevity in corrosive environments such as a dairy processing plant.
The process took about six months from purchase date to startup. The facility reduced its wastewater costs by almost $18,000 a month, which includes sewer costs, chemistry and sludge hauling.
“Our system is very inexpensive to operate — the two selling points are that operational costs are low and the performance is highly efficient,” says Fosshage. “The key is to get operational costs low. The more efficient the system, the better.”
The dairy was pleased with the results, says Trummel, adding that he knew the new wastewater system would save money, but was shocked at just how much. “It’s a pretty good chunk of money we’re saving.” — World Water Works, 4 Vernon Lane, Elmsford, N.Y., 10523, phone: (914) 345-2556 or (800) 607-7873, fax: (914) 345-2558, e-mail: sales@worldwater, Web site:
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